ORL 2016 Conference
Pre Conference Workshops


Oncology Seminar Room, Christchurch Public Hospital

Chair: Allan Keast

Clarendon Room, Rydges Latimer Hotel


Hospital Services Seminar Room, Lower Ground Floor, Parkside Building, Christchurch Hospital

(3.5 hrs in total)


Laser Safety Workshop

-         Welcome and Introduction

-         Back to basics (Classifications, Laser types, tissue interactions etc)

-         Working with your Anaesthetist and what can go wrong!

-         Introduction to the Lumenis Accublade CO2 laser, the KTP laser and trade display

-         Hands on Laser management of laryngeal pathology

Mr Allan T. Keast, Otolaryngologist, Canterbury DHB, Christchurch, NZ

Dr Nick Abbott, Anaesthetist, Canterbury DHB, Christchurch, NZ

Peter DiMedio, Clinton Cohen, Lumenis

Chris Coombs, OBEX

Kindly supported by Lumenis and Obex

(8 hrs in total)


Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators

This is a new course directed at facilitating the education and training of surgical trainees and will establish the basic standards expected of our surgical educators within the College. This one day free course will provide an opportunity for participants to identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses as an educator and explore how they are likely to influence their learners and the learning environment. The course will further knowledge and skills in teaching and learning concepts and look at how these principles can be applied into the participant's own teaching context.

Key Learning Objectives

•Recognise the importance of educational theory and how it translates into practice

•Consider how to provide effective teaching, learning and assessment in different clinical settings

•Identify how to plan learning by using effective teaching, learning and assessment strategies

(1.5 hrs in total)


Laryngectomy and Voice Prosthesis Management Workshop

 ·    Voice restoration for Laryngectomy patients

·    Types of voice prosthesis –In-dwelling and Ex-dwelling voice prosthesis

·    Care of the voice prosthesis and emergency procedure

·    Insertion of voice prosthesis – patient demonstration

·    Care of the Laryngectomy patient

·    Heat Moisture exchanger and Hands-free

·    Presentation by Frans Hilgers on primary voice prosthesis insertion and use of HME after surgery

Alexandra Smedley, Speech Language Therapist, Canterbury DHB, Christchurch, NZ

Wendy Mann, ORL/Tracheostomy, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, NZ

Professor Frans JM Hilgers, Head and Neck Surgeon, University of Amsterdam, Holland



1030-1100 Morning Tea

Oncology Seminar Room, Christchurch Hospital

1045-1100 Morning Tea

Bloody Mary’s Restaurant, Rydges Latimer

1030-1100 Morning Tea

Hospital Services Seminar Room



Laser Safety Workshop continued


Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators continued 

followed by lunch at Bloody Mary's Restaurant


Savoy 2

Chair: Francoise Jean Louis


Forte Health, Christchurch

Chair: Chris Low

Forte Health, Christchurch

Chair: Nikki Mills

(3.5 hrs in total)


Pulse Oximetry in Children Use and Interpretation Course

A very helpful course for the management of children with Sleep Disordered Breathing. The use of pulse oximetry is highlighted in the NZ Guidelines on the Management of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children.

With the absence of easy access to full Paediatric Sleep Studies, most of us in NZ are forced to rely on Pulse Oximetry for help with the management of children with possible OSA.

The course will be practical, learning how to choose the correct machine and how to set it up so that results can be reliably interpreted. We will be given various oximetry printouts and learn how to interpret the results.

Dr Angela Campbell, Clinical Physiologist & Manager, WellSleep Centre, Senior Lecturer, University of Otago, Wellington, NZ

1500-1530 Afternoon Tea



Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators continued

1500-1515 Afternoon Tea

(3 hrs in total)


Head & Neck Ultrasound Workshop

Ultrasound is now available in such small portable machinery that Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) seems inevitable for most clinicians.  This is a valuable tool in the Head and Neck setting with the nonspecific nature of neck masses on clinical examination.  This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the ultrasound process and will hopefully encourage the participant to delve deeper, like considering a Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound to assist with the use of this tool in the management of the Head and Neck patient

Learning aims:

1) introduction to the basics of the US physics (its advantages and limitations)

2) learn more about US anatomy and pathology of head and neck, in particular about the thyroid gland, and

3) get a hands-on experience with some tips to get the most out of performing an US of the head and neck

1330-1345 Introduction to Physics in the Head and Neck US

Amy Fong, Radiologist, Southern DHB, Dunedin, NZ

1345-1400 Anatomy and Pathology in US of H&N

Chris Low, ENT Consultant, Bay of Plenty DHB, Tauranga, NZ

1400 - 1500: Hands-on session

1500-1530 Afternoon Tea

(3 hrs in total)


Paediatric Airway / Paediatric Bronchoscopy Workshop 


Mr Haytham Kubba, Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, Scotland

Mr Murali Mahadevan, Paediatric Otolaryngologist and Clinical Director, Starship Children's Hospital, Auckland, NZ

1330-1345 Introduction and Course Overview

1345-1400 Equipment, Teamwork & Planning: Tips & Tricks

1400-1415 Anaesthetic perspective of Paediatric Airway Emergencies

Rotation in groups of 4 through 3 stations (45 mins per station)

1415-1500 Station 1

1500-1530 Afternoon Tea


Savoy 2


Forte Health


Pulse Oximetry in Children Use and Interpretation Course continued



Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators continued



Paediatric Airway / Paediatric Bronchoscopy Workshop continued

1530-1615 Station 2

1615-1700 Station 3


Rigid bronchoscopy & FB removal

Difficult intubation & virtual bronchoscopy

Emergency scenario simulations



Welcome Reception with sponsors/exhibitors                                                                                                                        Savoy West & Foyer