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2010 Iron Chef in Sydney
Hiroyuki Sakai  坂井 宏行

Longing for “Pure-White Chef Coat and Tall Hat”, Mr. Sakai first began cooking at age of 17. More than 40 years has passed and he realized that all guests he welcomed at La Rochelle, his friends and family have been supported him.

Motivated by the precious opportunity to meet guests and their smile in the restaurant, Mr. Sakai will pursue a passion for cooking from now on.

Chef Hiroyuki Sakai
1942     Born in Kagoshima Prefecture / Basic cooking training at Hotel Shin-Osaka / Practical cooking training at Hotel Oriental in Australia
1963     Completed in learning the basic cooking skills from Monsieur Shido at the restaurant Shiki(Seasons) in Ginza. Acquired a practical skills as a chef through working experience in prestigious fine dining restaurants in Tokyo  (Coco Palms Aoyama / John Kanaya Azabu)
1980     La Rochelle / Became an Owner-Chef at age of 38.
1994     TV Program Iron Chef (Fuji-television, Japan)
1999     La Rochelle Minami-Aoyama / Got a prize of the Strongest Iron Chef in the world
2002     La Rochelle Fukuoka
2005     Awarded the Chevalier de l’ordre du Merite Agricole from Republic of France
2009     Awarded GENDAI NO MEIKOU (Contemporary Master Craftsman) from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MLHW)

Chef Sakai’s dishes are well-known for their beautiful tone of a color and the Japanese Kaiseki-Style decoration.

Iron Chef Sakai’s restaurant: La Rochelle
Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai’s signature restaurant La Rochelle is located in the trendy central Tokyo suburb of Shibuya. La Rochelle proudly offers creative French cuisine that will pleasantly surprise, you. Cutting-edge interior design greets you at this elegant will never forget the serenity of the venue, hospitality of the staff and the spectacular view from the 32nd floor in central Tokyo.