8th ICCVM Conference 2018

Pre-Conference Workshops 
Thursday, March 22, 2018 

Leadership Communication Skills for Veterinary Practice: Tools and Strategies for Facilitating Effective Meetings, Conflict Resolution, and Decision Making Processes
Learn, practice, and apply a variety of principles and processes for leading and communicating from a value based, people focused perspective. During this full day workshop you will be given opportunities to hone your facilitation and leadership skills by tackling relevant interpersonal, group, and organizational communication challenges drawing upon the latest research. 
Speaker: Jennifer Walinga

Simulated Clients: Selecting and Training for Success
The success of any simulation program is inextricably linked to the proficiency of its simulated client (SC) ensemble. In their various capacities as role-players, feedback contributors, and teammates, SCs have the potential for broad positive impact making the thoughtful selection and preparation of such personnel paramount. Led by SC coordinators Brian Gromoff of the University of Calgary and Daniel Haley of Washington State University, this six-hour workshop begins with identifying our respective ideal SC candidates. From there participants will explore techniques for soliciting top talent before engaging in an interactive selection—“audition”—process. The bulk of the workshop will center on SC preparation and how to customize trainings to address the SC’s eclectic responsibilities. Through discussion and participatory activities attendees will learn about new SC orientation, entry-level improvisation training, character development, case specific rehearsal methods, maintaining veteran SC engagement, and principles to guide SC feedback. The workshop will culminate in an open discussion of special topics ranging from logistical considerations to off-hours SC support and all other attendee questions, challenges, or ideas.
Speakers: Daniel Haley, Brian Gromoff

Enhancing Communication Coaching in Veterinary Medicine: Taking Your Coaching Abilities to the Next Level
This daylong workshop will provide attendees with theoretical background and hands on opportunities to practice in the moment, effective coaching techniques. The experiential practice is designed to enhance coaching skills, and provides relevant, meaningful tools applicable to implement at the workplace as well as when teaching and learning communication skills. Attendees will receive individualized feedback from experts in veterinary medical communication. This session is highly relevant to practitioners, administrators, educators and researchers. If part of your professional portfolio includes self-development, leadership, coaching and mentoring, this session is designed for you.