Investing in Your Communities: grantmaking trends and investment excellence

Investing in Your Communities: grantmaking trends and investment excellence 

Kate Frykberg, Thinktank Charitable Trust, 
on the practical considerations of transparency and funding process design

In this interactive session, we will explore:

Transparency in practice
: what does it mean in practice to be a transparent funder and how does the type and size of your organisation influence what information you make publicly available?

Pragmatic process design: how do we find the sweet spot between making funding processes as easy as possible for our communities while also ensuring a robust approach for selecting the right organisations and understanding their impact?

One size never fits all and this session will use case studies and group work to explore how others are grappling with these issues and what might be most useful for your organisation.

George Thomson, Russell Investments
Connecting investment governance with investment performance

Placing grants is your number one focus. But for Trusts with an investment portfolio, ensuring your investments will continue to generate returns is crucial to achieving your mission. What should be the role of a Trustee when it comes to investments?

Investment governance is not about running an investment portfolio, but about ensuring that it is run well. Setting clear objectives, articulating investment beliefs, and holding fund managers to account are all key elements of long term success.

In this interactive presentation, we will use the current focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors as an example of how well thought out investment beliefs can be expressed in an investment portfolio, from a Trustees perspective.  

The session will cover:

Defining your goals and objectives
Determining your strategic asset allocation
Selecting managers and strategies to achieve your goals
Some of the key questions you should be asking as Trustee