2018 West Virginia Annual Conference

What do I bring?

Dress is dress/casual. Wear comfortable shoes. A sweater or jacket and an umbrella may be useful.

Bring your Conference Workbook; 3-ring binder for your Workbook and extra papers which are 3-hole punched; pencils/pens; and a notepad. 

A totebag is also handy.

Water bottle to fill.

Bible and devotional materials for personal use and Sunday School.


What else do I need if I’m staying on campus?

Single sheets, blanket and pillow

Towels, and wash cloths.

Toiletries (soap, shampoo, hair dryer, etc.)

Paper or plastic bag for trash.

Clothes hangers.

For dorm rooms that are not air-conditioned, a fan is useful.

Surge protector for electric needs (no extension cords are allowed in residence halls.)

Snacks for personal use.


Where can I eat?

The French See Dining Center, located to the right of and below the Rockefeller Gym, is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Cat’s Claw, a sandwich shop, is on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center. 

The Upshur Parish House, located across from the campus on College Avenue, serves a salad lunch for a donation which goes to support its mission work.

There are restaurants located in town; however, transportation is generally needed unless you prefer to walk some distance.

The “Special Meals” listed in your pre-conference material, require tickets and pre-payment.  If you plan to attend one or more of these events, purchase your tickets according to the instructions given.  Do not wait and expect to pay cash at the door unless so designated in the instructions, as most of these events have been required to give a head count.


Is there wireless internet?

Wireless internet access is available in the Library, Sunny Bucks, the French See Dining Room, parts of the Rockefeller Gym, and Nellie Wilson Lounge (Benedum Hall).