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Aeryon Labs is the premier manufacturer of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) which are at the center of major world events and international media stories. The company is the trusted partner of civil and military customers, resellers and other commercial business partners around the globe. Aeryon’s sUAS continue to gain global recognition, with customers in over 35 countries worldwide.

Aeryon Labs is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and has diverse experience in fields including; computer and electrical engineering, mechanical and mechatronic system design, software development, robotics and image compression. Aeryon is the recipient of the 2015 Unmanned Systems Canada Organizational Award.

AirMarket is a Canadian company committed to promoting safe, compliant drone operations. Airmarket.io connects flyers, buyers, and suppliers to critical information about regulations and industry news. Our products and services include:
  • AirMarket FLY-SAFE Basic and Pro - Technologies and a platform to enable safer, compliant operations.
  • Canada’s first Drone Industry Directory - Get on the industry list! Differentiate your company from non-compliant, uninsured operators. Benefit from our marketing campaigns to educate drone data buyers about the legalities and risks of hiring non-compliant operators.
  • AirMarket PROTECT- Drone insurance coverage that rewards safe, compliant operators.
  • AirMarket LAUNCH -  A comprehensive solution to launch your drone operations. Get access to AirMarket FLY-SAFE technology, SFOC support, and training.
Think Like A Pilot: Be aware of aerodromes, airspaces, cautions and risks around you. Be systematic, make safety your habit. Be responsible, leave nothing to chance.

Work Like An Entrepreneur: Grow your business! Connect to buyers seeking professional operators. Sell compliant drone-collected aerial assets. Develop skills with free and paid courses, sessions, and webinars. Get on Canada’s Drone Industry Directory.

Build the AirMarket Place, Join the Community, Think Ecosystem:  Safe, compliant drone operations are fundamental for everyone. Harness the collective engagement of Flyers, Buyers, Suppliers and Regulators. Build social license with high standards, accuracy, and professionalism.

AirMarket believes: “When people fly safe, smart, compliant drone missions, communities can realize the social, environmental and economic benefits of using drones for personal and commercial purposes.’

Brican Flight Systems (BFS) was incorporated in 2008 with the goal of becoming a leader in the developing market for small unmanned aerial systems (UAS).   BFS created and developed the  Enterprise, a fixed wing UAS in the 25 kg (55 lb.) maximum weight category with superior payload-carrying performance, endurance and robustness.  Enterprise evolved from our original technology demonstrator, the electric engine powered TD100E.  Please see www.bricanflightsystems.com for more information on the TD100E.  To date, several hundreds of flights and hours have been recorded with a variety of autopilots and sensor systems, including validation of hands-off autolaunch and autoland capability.  To see videos of  demonstration follow the link:  http://bricanflightsystems.com/applications/#appvideo.

Enterprise will be the first in a new family of unmanned systems.  The company has enjoyed access to significant government funding for UAS development, which help make Enterprise unique in its class by funding fields such as low speed aerodynamics, propulsion  and advanced composite materials.  The vehicle is highly versatile and it can accept a variety of larger payloads than its competitors. Demonstrations have flown with high-resolution cameras, a thermal camera, georeferencing systems and magnetometers. It has also operated BVLOS (2013) and in the Canadian High Arctic (2013). A version using a multifuel engine has flown and it will provide substantial increases in range and duration necessary for utility inspections and military ISR applications.  

BFS is now reaching out to UAS operators to engage in ISR, Environmental and other airborne data collection and analysis demonstration programs.

Canadian UAVs is an aviation company which provides services, training, and maintenance for the UAV industry.

Canadian UAVs is a subsidiary of Mountain View Helicopters est. 1995

Founded in 1984, Esri Canada provides enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower businesses, governments and educational institutions to make timely, informed and mission- critical decisions by leveraging the power of geography. The company distributes ArcGIS, the world's leading GIS software from Esri, along with a comprehensive portfolio of complementary GIS products and services.

Esri Canada provides flexible and scalable solutions that are tailored to organizations’ individual requirements. These solutions are interoperable and designed to interface with existing databases, networks and enterprise resource planning systems. Over 10,000 customers across various industries use GIS to gain unprecedented insight and knowledge about their assets and workflows.
Earlier this year, Esri introduced Drone2Map for ArcGIS. Drones are changing long-held fieldwork practices and business models, and enterprises are learning how to effectively leverage this emerging technology. With the Drone2Map for ArcGIS application, drones have become more than just image- capture devices. They are enterprise GIS productivity tools. Drone2Map streamlines the creation of professional imagery products from drone-captured still imagery for visualization and analysis in ArcGIS. Visit our booth and we’ll show you how to create orthomosaics, point clouds and 3D meshes from drone imagery.

Headquartered in Toronto, the company serves customers from 16 regional offices across Canada. Esri Canada joined the elite rank of Canada’s Best Managed companies in 2012 and became a Gold Standard winner in 2015. The company has also been named to the Branham300. Information about

The international unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) industry is increasingly looking to Alberta companies for the latest innovations in the industry. The province has a number of different features that contribute to the growth of a specialized network of companies involved in the UVS industry: a competitive corporate tax structure, ideal weather and facilities for testing UVS prototypes, and strong connections between government, academia, and businesses to share information and standards. These conditions for growth have led to a number of small clusters of expertise within the province, with specific focus on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) applications regarding platforms, avionics and navigation systems, control systems, global positioning systems, systems integration, and wireless communications.

The strategic importance of the UVS sector continues to grow as advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, wireless communications and platform developments have moved the sector not only into mainstream national defence, but also into a wide ranging host of civilian, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications including: pipeline surveillance, agricultural hyper-spectral imaging, and forestry monitoring. The UVS industry in Alberta provides opportunities for investment, economic growth, diversification, and a substantive innovation ecosystem enabling the high technology sectors. Alberta's UVS industry is globally competitive, well positioned and strategically networked to take advantage of investment and trade development opportunities in commercial, civilian and industrial sectors.

The area around Foremost AB, has been designated restricted airspace for UAS. The Restricted Airspace consists of two CYR's with one in the west and one in the east. Together, the CYR's total nearly 700 nautical miles in size. There is a third CYR that overlays the other two and goes up to 18,000 feet above sea level. The area is centered on the Pakowki Lake bed in the southern most reaches of Alberta Range strategically chosen as the location for the establishment of this innovative training and development centre for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology. Geographically the region has unique attributes that make it an ideal location for the operation, development and training for UAS based out of the Foremost Aerodrome.


The Foremost UAS Range is 700 square nautical miles of Class F Restricted airspace up to 18,000 feet ASL for UAV systems research and development, test and evaluation, and systems training. Other Range facilities include the Foremost airport with a 3000 ft runway and a hangar large enough to accommodate up to MALE sized UAVs. It is located directly to the south of the Village of Foremost in southeastern Alberta.

The Foremost UAS Range is ideally suited to Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight operations as well as development and evaluation of payloads, communications, and sense and avoid technologies for BVLOS flights. Companies will be able to develop BVLOS technology that will enable the next generation of civil and commercial UAS applications.

IDS North America (IDS NA) is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario with an office in Montreal which handles ICAO endorsed IDS products and systems as well as outsourced services, especially Instrument Flight Procedure Design and Validation (PBN and Conventional, ICAO, TP308, TERPS). IDS NA is focused on delivering Air Navigation products and services to the global aviation marketplace.  IDS NA other services include Electromagnetic Analysis for CNS equipment, flight inspection and IFP coverage validation, Airspace Design, Land Use Assessment, AIM Data Management and IFP Design on demand for airports and general aviation. IDS NA currently produces over 1500 IFPs and conducts more than 60 airport and airspace studies per year. In addition, IDS NA is the center of excellence for the development of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) solutions and also operates an Academy providing IFP and PBN design training. IDS also has years of experience in the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) as a manufacturer and OEM of a portfolio of UAS’s designed for specialized use applications.

IDS newest air navigation innovative solution is a Low Altitude UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system named DREAMS (Drone Enhanced Airspace Management System) a natural follow on system to our Air Traffic Flow Management System.

DREAMS enables an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) or 3rd party commercial services operator, to provide a SWIM ready and compliant data sharing service which identifies, authorizes, tracks, notifies and manages drone flights.

IDS NA is uniquely qualified to provide the services requested for a UTM implementation for the near and long term goals of its customers.

The Industrial Technologies Office of the federal government administers R&D funding programs, the Strategic Aerospace & Defence Initiative (SADI) and Technology Demonstration Program (TDP).  It is part of the Department of Innovation, Science & Economic Development.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Kongsberg Geospatial creates precision real-time software for mapping, geospatial visualization, and situational awareness. Kongsberg Geospatial is developing new visualization technologies for Beyond Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) AUV systems to provide "out of the cockpit" situational awareness for BVLOS operators or regional airspace operations centres.
Over nearly three decades of providing dependable performance under extreme conditions, Kongsberg Geospatial has become the leading geospatial technology provider for mission-critical applications where lives are on the line.  Kongsberg Geospatial is a subsidiary of Kongsberg Defence Systems.

Lockheed Martin – CDL Systems is a software engineering and development company who has specialized in the control of unmanned systems for 25 years.  From our office in Calgary we design world leading control and analytic software for all sizes and types of unmanned vehicles, including targets, surveillance aircraft, loitering munitions, quad copters and ground robots.  We are leading the world at research and development in SLAM technology, culminating in our Hydra Fusion and Northstar products which can create a 3D map and compute vehicle position from sequential images. 

Meggitt Target Systems (MTAS) provides unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets with associated payloads and scoring systems for weapon system evaluation and live fire training.  MTAS operates out of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and has provided target systems and support services to the Canadian Forces since 1983.  Target systems available for military exercises include the Vindicator, Mosquito and jet target aerial vehicles, Badger land targets, Barracuda and Hammerhead sea surface targets, and also a suite of towed targets.  All MTAS targets can be customized to simulate specific threats with radar and infrared augmentation devices, and all target systems can be operated from a common Universal Target Control System (UTCS) platform.

MultirotorHeli is a western Canada-based UAV / Drone store in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in Multirotors and Drones. UAV / Multirotors and the Autopilot controllers are the latest trend in the remote controls aircraft, These fascinating machines are now being used in a number of applications. 

We are the Tier 1 and authorized dealer for DJI Innovation products in Canada.  

We are committed to provide the best solutions and support to our clients, including the training and setup of Autopilot controllers. We also have expertise in setting up FPV (First Person View) systems with state-of-the-art products from DJI Innovation, ImmersionRC and Fat Shark. We are also the authorized reseller in Canada of ImmersionRC and Fat Shark Products.

We are only authorized DJI repair facility of Drones in Canada, we are full drone repair facility located in Calgary, AB.
We keep the inventory in Alberta and Ontario and provide free shipping across Canada. We also ship to the USA with very reasonable shipping charges.

Products like : Phantom 4 ,  Phantom 3,  DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, DJI Inspire 1 , DJI Phantom 2 , S1000+, S900, A2 Controllers, Naza-m Controllers

Through its Civilian Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CivUAS) program, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) proactively aims to develop, advance, de-risk and certify innovative unmanned aircraft systems solutions for key industries nationwide.

With a proven ability to partner with industry on research and technology development across multiple disciplines, CivUAS plays an important role in supporting the emergence of unmanned flight into the commercial aviation sector. The program offers an unmatched technology and development infrastructure, access to government regulators, and technical expertise that will foster the integration of UAS technology into key sectors such as oil and gas, defence and security, agriculture, natural resources and critical infrastructure environment.

NRC is seeking partners and collaborators in industry, academia, and regulation to join us in strengthening Canada’s aerospace sector by working to define and build a significant market share internationally.

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)  drives the commercialization of cutting-edge research across key market sectors to build the economy of tomorrow and secure Ontario’s global competitiveness. In doing this, OCE fosters the training and development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and is a key partner with Ontario’s industry, universities, colleges, research hospitals, investors and governments.
A champion of leading-edge technologies, best practices and research, OCE invests in sectors such as advanced health, information and communications technology, digital media, advanced materials and manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, energy and the environment including water and mining, and agriculture, agri-food. OCE is a key partner in delivering Ontario’s Innovation Agenda as a member of the province’s Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). Funded by the Government of Ontario, the ONE helps Ontario-based entrepreneurs and industry rapidly grow their company and create jobs.

RME Geomatics (formerly NGF Geomatics) was founded in 2012 and became a division of Rocky Mountain Equipment Canada Ltd. (RME) in 2015.   Initially established to provide aerial data capture and mapping for the Survey, Engineering and Construction industries, today industry clients also include Energy, Forestry, Agriculture, Mining and Government agencies responsible for land management.

RME Geomatics takes pride in providing superior terrain modeling and remote data capture services.  Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and  manned helicopters with the most modern and powerful LiDAR, Photogrammetric, Infrared and Multi-Spectral sensors, our goal is to deliver high quality, geo-referenced mapping and data that’s customized to meet your individual needs.
You benefit from access to decades of experience working in industry, government, research and development.  Our staff includes geomatics and mapping specialists, mechanical and electrical engineers, conventional and unmanned aircraft pilots, aircraft systems designers, safety consultants and technologists.  We are proud of having the best professional team in the aerial mapping industry.
A publicly traded company on the TSX since 2007, Geomatics parent company RME has a long history of delivering services to the Agriculture and Construction industries across the Canadian prairies.

Unmanned Aircraft International-Canada is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of UAI-USA with its HQ in Glen Robertson, Ontario and soon to be opened office in Foremost, Alberta Canada. UAI-Canada Specializes in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone Operations conducting Pipeline and Power Line Inspections, Geospatial, Maritime Surveillance and Remote Area Cargo Drone Delivery. UAI-Canada supports the Singular Aircraft FLYOX ®  3,800 kg (8,400 lbs.) Cargo Drone with capabilities in Fire Fighting, Agriculture Spraying, Maritime Surveillance and Remote Area Cargo Delivery.  POC CEO Bruce Beswick 613-870-3274  alt 785-210-4701 bbeswick@unmannedaircraftinternational.com

Unmanned Systems Canada is the national association representing, supporting and promoting innovation and capabilities in the Canadian Unmanned Systems industry and community.