RI Tokyo 2020


RI Tokyo, formerly called RI Asia Japan, the leading sustainable finance conference attracted an audience of 650 in 2019. It is back to Tokyo Midtown Roppongi on 15th-16th April 2020. 

ESG investment has become widely known as an investment method that incorporates corporate efforts concerning environmental considerations, social issues, and internal governance into the assessment process. However, when returning to a practical position, how much profit will actually be gained by considering “contribution” to social and environmental issues? Supporting corporate “do-goodery” is not an investor's primary responsibility, and it is understandable that investors may find it difficult to incorporate ESG without clear evidence that ESG investments will contribute to raising returns.

ESG investment, on the other hand, can be utilised as a risk management approach. In order to avoid risk and therefore expand the investment returns, investors may take into account the economic impact that internal governance structures, as well as environmental and social climates surrounding the business activities may have.

Understanding trends in society and considering possible risks is what many Japanese investors have done, including examining the impact of declining birth rates and an aging population. The only difference between these and issues such as climate change and human rights which are commonly raised as key E and S issues is that they are large in scale and seemingly unrelated to daily life and work. However, such large scale global issues are all the more likely to have an impact on companies throughout an investor’s portfolio.

At RI Tokyo 2020, we will focus the ESG investment and sustainable finance discussions on the approach of pursuing practical and real value.

The global trend of sustainable finance can no longer be ignored. The movement toward lower carbon in the European economy is accelerating with several investor initiatives and action plans, and the Asian markets are also rapidly consolidating systems to promote sustainable finance. Regardless of whether you are proactively considering sustainable finance or not, these developments including new regional and global standard setting are likely to affect your corporate and investment behaviours in various ways.

RI Tokyo 2020 invites top experts from Japan and overseas to provide an opportunity to accurately grasp the risk perception underlying the global movement and discuss practical responses and methodologies. This will be a learning, thinking, and interactive discussion opportunity open to all market participants, including but not limited to ESG specialists.