A new way to facilitate interaction among on-line and on-site participants in hybrid meetings

The problem: How to give an on-line community an on-site experience

The FRESH Conference is always ready to try out new ways of being innovative and to find solutions to facilitate participant interaction and engagement, whichever way you chose to attend our conference.

Our objective has been to find many ways to connect our two audiences during FRESH giving our online participants a real opportunity to walk through the conference centre, to see the setup of each meeting room according to the format of the session scheduled, to live some backstage moments and have a different perspective of the sessions going on.

One of our many solutions: The FRESH Hybrid Angels.

We had already planned to set up three hangouts: Skype, Goole+ and GoToMeeting; you have the choice of which one suits you best.

On the FRESH website ( you will find clear instructions to join any of these hangouts.

But we aim for more than this, so we are appointing Hybrid Angels, one for each hangout; and each one will have an iPad.

Think of each one as your ‘guiding angel’

How the Angels improve your online experience

Each online hangout is a sort of virtual breakout room (e.g.Skype group call) where online participants can share chat, voice and video among themselves and of course with the Angel, but there is more.

The Hybrid Angels will welcome and assist you; they are your interface with the conference. They will use their iPad’s cameras to really let you enjoy a virtual presence, showing exactly what's happening onsite in Copenhagen.

If you want to experience what’s happening both outside and inside the meeting rooms; if you want to meet a particular speaker or expert present onsite, your Angel and their iPad will make it happen for you - as  a real face-to-face meeting through a video connection.

Depending on your time zone, you will even be able to join the FRESH community for dinner or during the Copenhagen city tour on Monday, joining in the games with us.

Are you ready for change?

Are you interested in experimenting with this new way to do hybrid networking with the FRESH tribe?

These tools will be available soon on the FRESH website and will be shared throughout our social media channels, so stay tuned!

By the way, the connection with the Angels will not allow you to follow and take part to the sessions of the entire conference.

To do that you need to register here as an on-line participant for just €95.00 as well in order to access the full Hybrid Meeting.

But if you are undecided, eavesdropping with our Angels could help convince you to do just that.