Below is a list from the 2012 Knife-Of-The-Year® Winners:

  •  Overall Knife Of The Year®: ZT 0888 by Zero Tolerance/KAI USA
  • American-Made Knife Of The Year®: Socom Delta by Microtech
  • Imported Knife Of The Year®: Onion Foresight by Columbia River Knife & Tool
  • Most Innovative American Design®: Autonomy by Spyderco
  • Most Innovative Imported Design®: DPx HEST T3
  • Manufacturing Quality Award: Chris Reeve Knives
  • Best Buy Of The Year®: Cryo by Kershaw/KAI USA
  • Knife Collaboration Of The Year®: ZT 0600, a collaboration between Zero Tolerance/KAI USA and R.J. Martin
  • Investor/Collector Knife Of The Year®: B12 Freedom by William Henry Studio
  • Kitchen Knife Of The Year®: Taiyo by Shun/KAI USA
  • Accessory Of The Year®: Precision Sharpener Pro-Dash II by Wicked Edge
  • Industry Achievement Awards®: Knife Rights and American Knife & Tool Institute

Below is a list from the 2012 Custom Knife Awards:

  • Hugh Bartrug Best Of Show/Best Sword: Michael Ruth Jr.
  • Best Tactical Folder: Kirby Lambert
  • Most Innovative Design: Brian Tighe
  • Best Handle Design: Ron Newton
  • Best Folder: Ken Erickson
  • Yvon Vachon Best Miniature: Yoshio Sakauchi
  • Best Art Knife: Van Barnett
  • Best Fixed Blade: Kevin Cashen
  • Best Bowie: Jason Knight
  • Best New Maker: Tom Ploppert
  • Best Fighter: David Mirabile
  • Best Knife Collaboration: Bob Terzuola and Gus Cecchini
  • Best Utility Hunter: Mike Williams
  • Best Damascus: David Lisch
  • Best Of The Rest: Mike Williams

Below is a list from the 2012 Knife Collection Display Awards

  • Best Of Show: Buck Gen Five Josh Buck Skinners, by Brent and Dee Schindewolf
  • Judges Award: Miniatures: Faberge of Firearms, by Tom and Gwen Guinn
  • Judges Award: Buck Factory Production Knives of the 1960s, by Larry Oden
  • Judges Award: Buck 110s, by Jim Seagle

Below is a list from the 2011 Knife-Of-The-Year® Winners:
  • Overall Knife of the Year: Zero Tolerance 0777
  • American-Made:  Spyderco Native 5 Fluted Ti
  • Imported:  Spyderco Vallotton Subhilt
  • Most Innovative American Design: Microtech Select Fire
  • Most Innovative Imported Design:  Fox Dobolock
  • Best Buy of the Year:  Columbia River Knife & Tool, Shenanigan
  • Investor/Collector:  William Henry Studio, ST-4010
  • Manufacturing Quality Award:  Chris Reeve Knives
  • Collaboration:  Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer for the Model 0560
  • Kitchen:  Kershaw Shun Fuji
  • Accessory:  Blade-Tech  MOLLE Lok
  • Publisher's Award:  New Hampshire Rep. Jenn Coffey
  • Industry Achievement Award:  Pete Cohan

Congratulations to our 2011 Custom Knife Award Winners!

  • Best Knife Collaboration and Best of Show: Dennis Friedly art knife engraved by Gil Rudolph
  •  Best Miniature:  Yoshio Sakauchi
  • Best Fixed Blade:  Rodrigo Sfreddo
  • Best Bowie:  John Martin
  • Best Fighter:  R.J. Martin
  • Most Innovative Design:  Joe Caswell
  • Best Utility Hunter:  Dan Farr
  • Best Sword: Vince Evans
  • Best Art Knife: Donald Vogt
  • Best of the Rest: Mardi Meshejian
  • Best New Maker: Rod  Watts
  • Best Handle Design:  Vince Evans
  • Best Tactical Folder: Brian Fellhoelter
  • Best Damascus Knife:  John White

    Blade Magazine Knife-OF-The-Year®

    The Blade Magazine Knife-Of-The-Year Awards® are barometers of the most successful companies in the knife industry and, as such, are production cutlery’s benchmark honors.

    Exhibitors display their entries at their booths and the center display area in the show hall for patrons to examine and enjoy.

    Most Innovative American Design
    Most Innovative Imported Design
    Best Buy Of The Year
    Manufacturing Quality
    Industry Achievement
    The winners will be announced at the BLADE Magazine Awards Banquet the Saturday night of the show and a list of the winners will be posted at the show hall entrance the following morning. Keep in mind that a separate ticket is necessary to attend the banquet.
    Shown at right:  CRKT Eros' blade won Imported Knife of the Year for 2010.