WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Streaming Video and Automated Closed Captioning- DCCCD's Story

Speaker: Jesus Moreno, Project Manager, LeCroy Center/ DCCCD
Speaker: Emilio Ramos, District Director of Instructional Technology, LeCroy Center/ DCCCD
Speaker: Robert Rosenbalm, Project Leader, LeCroy Center, DCCCD
Moderator: Scott Woods, Director of Programs, Colorado State University

In this millennial age we are saturated with video but where is it stored and how do you make it accessible to everyone? Through much research, trial, and error; DCCCD has developed an easy to use streaming video interface that automates closed captioning up to 96% accuracy by leveraging the power of IBM Watson. Come learn how DCCCD is changing their strategies in video streaming for online and in the classroom and see how these technologies can easily be adapted.