WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Friday Speakers
Dylan Barth
Teaching, Learning, and Technology Consultant
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dylan Barth is a Teaching, Learning, and Technology Consultant in UW-Milwaukee’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), where he coordinates the Online and Blended Teaching Program. Barth's areas of focus include online and blended pedagogy, asynchronous discussions, active learning classroom strategies, gamification, and learning analytics. He also serves as the online programs coordinator through the office of the Provost and teaches courses in Women’s and Gender Studies and the Honors College.
Dror Ben-Naim
Smart Sparrow
Dror Ben-Naim is the founder and CEO of Smart Sparrow, an educational technology company pioneering adaptive and personalized learning technology. Prior to founding Smart Sparrow, Ben-Naim led a research group in the field of Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Educational Data Mining at UNSW. The technology that the group developed was adopted by top universities in Australia and the US. In 2011, he and his fellow researchers founded Smart Sparrow to take Adaptive Learning to the next level and secured backing from venture capital investors.
Kelvin Bentley
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Tarrant County College District
Kelvin Bentley, Ph.D., serves as vice president of Academic Affairs for Tarrant County College District's TCC Connect campus, the 6th and newest campus which oversees online learning courses and programs and a cohort-based Weekend College, and has enjoyed over 14 years of experience as a faculty member, online learning administrator, and consultant. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Delaware.
Jeff Borden
Chief Innovation Officer
Saint Leo University
Jeff Borden is the chief innovation officer at Saint Leo University. Having spoken nationally and internationally to tens of thousands over two decades, Borden employs his base subjects of communication and education, as well as his performance history as a comedian, actor, and director to showcase innovative and scalable solutions by which to transform learning for all. Using his platform of Education 3.0, Borden seeks to create "best learning" by using neuroscience, education research, and education technology every day.
Lisa Clark
Dean of Online Programs
University of Northwestern Ohio
Position: Dean of Online Programs, Associate Professor, Quality Matters Coordinator Professional Background: English Humanities Baccalaureate from The Ohio State University Master of Arts in English and Women's Studies from The Union University/Vermont College Media Literacy post-grad certification from Appalachian State University Educational Media Instructional Technology post-grad certificate from Appalachian State University, Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership from Capella University. I am a Quality Matters Master Reviewer and on-site/online facilitator. I also serve in the Peer Corp for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
David Clinefelter
Chief Academic Officer
The Learning House
David Clinefelter is the chief academic officer at The Learning House, Inc., in Louisville, Kentucky, where he develops academic tools, training and strategies for online higher education. Clinefelter was a professor at the University of Nebraska, Omaha; a lecturer at The Ohio State University; and both vice president of academic affairs and president at Graceland University. In 2002, Clinefelter was provost at Kaplan University, and chief academic officer at Walden University.
Michael Coleman
LeCroy Center/ DCCCD
Michael Coleman has been involved in educational media production for over twenty-five years. His work with the Dallas County Community College District includes producing video for online courses covering a wide range of subjects. Throughout his career, he uses the latest technology for both the creation and delivery of video to enhance the student experience.
Preston Davis
Director of Instructional Services
Northern Virginia Community College
Wm. Preston Davis has worked in higher education for 20 years, including service as consultant, faculty member, manager of education programs, and Dean of distance education. Davis is currently director of instructional services and associate professor at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). He is responsible for learning and technology resources through NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI) online campus and for instructional technology training for faculty at NOVA. He chairs the NOVA Testing Advisory Committee and is the NOVA representative for the statewide VCCS Textbooks Costs and Digital Learning Resources(TCDLR).
Van Davis
Associate Vice President, Higher Education Policy & Research
Van Davis is associate vice president of Higher Education Research and Policy at Blackboard Inc. where he works on competency based education and higher education policy issues as well as distance education, learning technology, and college affordability. Previously, Davis was director of innovations in higher education at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board where he coordinated the development of the state's first public CBE bachelor's degree as well as the state's adult degree completion project, course redesign project, and online faculty development initiative.
Luke Dowden
Director of Distance Learning
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Luke Dowden believes in authenticity. He wants to make a difference in people's lives by facilitating access to high quality postsecondary educational experiences. 2. He lives for helping people find their second chance in higher education, especially through online learning. 3. He is passionate about continuous improvement and is rarely satisfied with personal success because it is not permanent. 4. Dowden cares about his team members and is interested in impacting other's success. 5. He has a holistic systems view of organizations.
Lindsey Downs
Manager, Communications
Lindsey Downs is the manager of communications for WCET and has a background in Communications, Instructional Design, Higher Education, and Educational Technology. She holds a M.Ed in Adult and Higher Education, a Certification in College Teaching from Montana State University, and is a certified Instructional Designer. Downs' interests include teaching with technology, effective classroom facilitation, training, and classroom design. When not enjoying her work, she spends time in beautiful Bozeman, MT with her husband, boxer dog Piper, and cat Boo.
Raymond Fleming
Chair, Biomedical Sciences; Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Raymond Fleming, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor of Psychology was a recipient of a 2014 WCET Outstanding Work Award for the U-Pace online instructional approach he co-created. Fleming directed the extensive evaluation studies of U-Pace and is a National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements Fellow.
Renee Franzwa
Director of Higher Ed
Renee Franzwa leads Higher Education Strategy at EdSurge. She has worked on many collegiate levels, co-founded an edtech company, served in the US/abroad as a student advisor, and helped establish General Assembly-San Francisco. She holds a Master’s in Human Rights Education from the University of San Francisco, a BS from California Polytechnic (San Luis Obispo), and certifications in design thinking, product management, and partnership development. After traveling and teaching through 40+ countries, she believes in cooking as therapy and there is no better way to bring people together than a home-cooked meal.
Myk Garn
Assistant Vice Chancellor for New Learning Models
University System of Georgia
Myk Garn is an academic innovator and strategist with over 30 years of experience developing, deploying and leading college and state system instructional, operational, organizational, policy and strategic models. He is a committed academic change agent, focusing on the development and deployment of new instructional and educational operations with an emphasis on competency-based, student-driven, advancement-by-mastery models. He emphasizes the roles of faculty and needs of students throughout his work. His experience includes strategic planning, affordability, emerging trends, disruptive innovation, quality standards, governance, accessibility and accreditation.
Mitchell Gilbert
Compliance Specialist
Western Governors University
Mitchell Gilbert spent eleven years working in state authorization at Education Management Corporation. In August 2017, he took a position as a compliance specialist at Western Governors University.
Stacey Güney
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
Aims Community College
Stacey Güney is an educational evangelist leveraging technology and innovation to increase access, equity, and student success. Stemming from her work consulting with a variety of institutions, she saw the need for more integrated solutions involving student metacognition and learning. This lead to the launch of the Austin Community College ACCelerator, the largest technology-enhanced learning environment in the world. She is currently the assistant vice president for Academic Affairs at Aims Community College.
Lev Horodyskyj
Curriculum Design
ASU Online
Lev Horodyskyj works on developing astrobiology curricular materials spanning topics from astronomy to geobiology to sustainability for delivery in an exclusively online format. He's developed various simulators that help students visualize complex processes, from star formation to the carbonate-silicate cycle to cellular metabolism. The online smart course, Habitable Worlds, is developed in a unique online platform developed by Smart Sparrow that provides students with adaptive feedback and pathways based on what they do in each exercise.
Angela Jackson
Online Program Manager
University of South Dakota
Angela Jackson is the online program manager at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of South Dakota. Her main responsibilities include quality assurance of distance delivered courses, including accessibility, and also the primary trainer for all faculty who have been approved to teach online, DDN, hybrid delivery, correspondence study, video conference or any other distance delivered courses at USD. She obtained a B.S. in Information Systems from Capella University and her M.S. in Technology for Education and Training from USD.
Tanya Joosten
Director, eLearning Research and Development
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Tanya Joosten is the director of Digital Learning Research and Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) where she works to guide strategic digital learning earning efforts at the campus, state, and national levels, to develop innovative programming for the UWM campus, and to lead a team of researchers to advance the field of digital learning. She is the co-director of the National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements (DETA) supported by the U.S Department of Education. See tanyajoosten.com for more info.
Dawn Joyce
St. Petersburg College
Professor Dawn Joyce is a California State University at Sacramento Alum. She received her Master’s Degree in English with an emphasis in pedagogy, and from there she proceeded to become an English Professor. Joyce has been at SPC for the past four years teaching composition and writing courses, as well as leading the Australia and New Zealand Study Abroad Programs. Before coming to SPC, Joyce taught high school in California for several years.
Shweta Kailani
Senior Instructional Designer
Texas A&M University
Shweta Kailani is a senior instructional designer in the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University. She collaborates and consults with faculty in integrating educational technology in their courses to increase engagement and student learning. She facilitates numerous workshops and professional development seminars for faculty in the college and across the university. Her areas of interest include Game Based Learning, Open Educational Resources, Web 2.0 Ed Tech tools, Universal Design, and User Experience/User Interface Design.
Stacia Klasen
Director of Academic Operations
Colorado Technical University
Stacia Klasen has been working in the field of higher education for over 12 years, where she has had the opportunity to support the success of adult learners in a variety of roles. She has worked within student advising, learning services, career services, and now, academic operations at Colorado Technical University, where a piece of her role includes partnering with college leadership to enhance the online classroom experience. Klasen earned her Ed.D. in adult and higher education from Northern Illinois University.
Judy Komar
VP of Educational Technology
Colorado Technical University
Judy Komar is Vice President of Educational Technology at Colorado Technical University (CTU). Recently, Judy has been working with the academic teams, specifically the Nursing Leadership team, to design new adaptive learning nursing maps powered by a learning analytic engine. In addition to creating a new model for nursing students, the Nursing Leadership team and Judy have also mapped all lessons in the program to the program outcomes within the adaptive learning system to provide increased information to the Nursing Leadership team.
Pat Lane
Director of Data Initiatives
Patrick Lane is the director of data initiatives, a role that includes managing the Multistate Longitudinal Data Exchange, which seeks to improve linkages between state data systems to provide better information to students and their families while also improving education, workforce, and economic development policy. He previously coordinated WICHE's Adult College Completion Network. He came to WICHE having spent several years working in education policy in the Republic of the Marshall islands. He received a master's degree from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University in 2007 and completed a Ph.D. in public administration at the University of Colorado Denver in 2015.
Sarah Leibrandt
Research Analyst
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Sarah Ohle Leibrandt is a research analyst for the Policy Analysis and Research Unit at Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Prior to joining WICHE, she worked for the Colorado Department of Education and Red Rocks Community College. Leibrandt earned a Ph.D. in Education Policy from University of Colorado Boulder and a Bachelors degree from Wellesley College. She is a proud Colorado native.
Jesus Moreno
Project Manager
LeCroy Center/ DCCCD
Jesus Moreno is a project manager for Dallas County Community College District where he has created several innovative applications that have been implemented within the district. Moreno has been developing professionally in academia since 2003 starting in California working for the Kern County Office of Education. He has won the innovation of the year award for his institution for three out of four years that he has been with the district.
Cali Morrison
Associate Dean, Alternative Learning, Alternative Learning
American Public University System
Cali M.K. Morrison is associate dean, Alternative Learningof alternative learning at American Public University System and a doctoral (Ed.D.) candidate in higher education administration at Montana State University. Previously Morrison was the assistant director, communications and analysis at the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) and project director of Transparency by Design at WCET, where she became interested in studying adult learners and accountability. Current research interests include competency-based education and its practical and policy implications for higher education. Morrison holds a B.A. in Public Relations from Western Kentucky University, a M.Ed. in Adult & Higher Education from Montana State University, an online graduate certificate in Women's Studies from Western Kentucky University.
Leif Nelson
Director of Learning Technology Solutions
Boise State University
Leif Nelson is director of learning technology solutions and a Doctoral Candidate in Education at Boise State University. He has over a decade of experience providing support and leadership for instructional technologies at Boise State and previously for the University of Wisconsin System. He has worked for Quality Matters as a trainer, reviewer, and National Advisory Board member. Nelson has taught courses in Information Science, education, and leadership. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, and certificates in Learning Technology Leadership and Online Teaching.
Rhonda Newton
Instructional Designer
Rhonda Newton is an instructional designer at Triseum (an educational gaming company) where she works collaboratively with different game design units and SMEs to create interactive educational games for higher education and K-12. Newton a has a keen interest in leveraging technology to enhance authentic, contextual learning.
Laura Pedrick
Executive Director, UWM Online
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Laura Pedrick, executive director of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Online, oversees the University’s online and blended programs. She is the campus lead for UWM’s participation in the competency-based UW Flexible Option initiative. She managed two Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Next Generation Learning Challenge grants on UWM’s innovative U-Pace instructional model, and she is a co-author of Policy Practice for Social Workers: New Strategies for a New Era, a multimedia textbook with web-based case studies, forthcoming from Routledge.
Amy Peterson
Vice President of Academic Strategy
Russ Poulin
Director, Policy and Analysis
Russ Poulin organizes WCET's national policy and research activities, edits WCET's Frontiers blog, coordinates WCET's research efforts, and works on elearning consortia issues. He represented the distance education community in the U.S. Department of Education's 2014 Negotiated Rulemaking process. Previously, he coordinated distance education activities for the North Dakota University System. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado Denver and a Master's from the University of Northern Colorado. Poulin enjoys going to the films with his wife, Laurie.
Emilio Ramos
District Director of Instructional Technology
LeCroy Center/ DCCCD
Emilio Ramos has experience managing a complex information technology environment, managing and designing enterprise implementations of CRM, back-office and business systems, and large scale Learning Management systems. Ramos has a proven ability to lead seamless implementations and deliver next-generation innovations and technical solutions improving revenues, margins and productivity. He holds extensive knowledge of the processes, policies and overall environments of educational institutions.
Steve Rheinschmidt
Director of Learning Innovation
Saint Leo University
Steve Rheinschmidt is often referred to as the former, 10-year executive director of the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC). But since leaving Iowa four years ago, he has wandered the Earth promoting program growth and innovation using a partnership platform in a more commercial venture. At Saint Leo, Rheinschmidt now promotes management, direction, and aggregation of a portfolio of Learning Innovation initiatives, while heading up some new strategies like the lowering of course materials costs while maintaining the highest quality possible.
Robert Rosenbalm
Project Leader
LeCroy Center, DCCCD
Robert Rosenbalm serves as the managing director of the National University Technology Network (NUTN) housed at the acclaimed R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications, a leader in distance learning since 1972. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Arts from Amberton University. In addition, he is a graduate of multiple leadership programs including the DCCCD (2004), North Texas Community College Consortium (2005) and the Instructional Technology Council (2010).
Michael Sano
Higher Ed Community Manager
Michael Sano is the higher ed community manager at EdSurge. He has dedicated his career to supporting students in reaching their academic and personal goals. Most recently as an associate dean of students, Sano has also served as director of academic support services, director of experiential education programs in Nicaragua, and provided direct support to students with disabilities through ed tech initiatives. He thinks a lot about innovation and affordability in higher education.
Sarah Saxton-Frump
Co-Founder and Director of College Completion
Sarah Saxton-Frump has dedicated her career to building and serving high-quality educational opportunities for under-resourced communities. A co-founder of PelotonU, she graduated from Brown University in 2007 and received her Master’s in Educational Administration in 2013. Saxton-Frump served for five years at KIPP: Austin Collegiate as a principal, AP, 9th team leader, and high school social studies teacher. Prior to KIPP, she taught in Brownsville, Texas with Teach for America.
Ruth Tarantine
University Dean of Nursing
Colorado Technical University
Ruth Tarantine holds the position of dean of nursing for Colorado Technical University. Her academic career has focused on leveraging technology to design new online nursing programs with a focus on quality, scalability and compliance. Research interests focus on the use of simulation in multidisciplinary education as well as reducing 30 day hospital readmissions.
Kambiz Vafai
Director of Masters in Science in Engineering Program
University of California, Riverside
Melissa Williams
University Program Director
Colorado Technical University
Melissa Burton-Williams is the undergraduate program director for Colorado Technical University’s College of Business and Management. Williams obtained her Doctorate in Management (Organizational Leadership). Her SAGE Publication was a discussion of her dissertation findings relating to elected leaders management capacity. Her work experience includes over 25 years in the public sector, which includes 15 years in management/leadership. Her attention now is on assessment and data trends towards improved student performance.