WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Doubling Down on Human Connections in the Age of Digital Courseware

Speaker: John Gibson, Faculty, Business & IT, Glendale Community College
Speaker: Paul Golisch, Executive Director
Moderator: Paul Golisch, Executive Director
Speaker: Alyson Indrunas, Director, Teaching and Learning, Lumen Learning
Speaker: Olga Kopp, Professor of Biology, Utah Valley University


Offering a variety of approaches to personalized and adaptive learning, digital courseware has the potential to help or harm the learning experience, depending on how well it supports both instructors and students. Using a show-and-tell approach from a multi-year implementation of digital courseware designed using open educational resources (OER), this session explores how courseware can impact student success by strengthening integration, communication, learner feedback, and curricular flexibility. Informed by learning data analysis, it also offers cautionary guidance about what happens when real-world students and teachers use - or fail to use - courseware as designed, and the net impact on student outcomes.