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First Name Last Name Organization
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IyadAlattarFiltration Consultant
RavindraAnnigeriEthos Energy Group
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CristianoBalestrinoSiemens Power & Gas / Distributed Generation
ChrisBloomerCanadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)
AnthonyBroughD’Orazio Capital Partners, LLC
KlausBrunSouthwest Research Institute
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PaulCheliakCanadian Gas Association
CharlesColluraSiemens Canada Limited
PaulColwellUnion Gas Limited
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LaurenDayLiburdi Turbine Services
SalvatoreDelaVillaStrategic Power Systems, Inc.
RickyDharaniSiemens Energy Inc
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GlennEnglandRamboll Environ
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BenFreemanEthos Energy Group
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WillieGrieveAlberta Utilities Commission
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SyedHasanUnion Gas Limited
ScottHastieLiburdi Turbine Services
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CoreyKinartHGC Engineering
ManfredKleinMA Klein & Assoc.
JoshuaKohnCamfil Power Systems
JustinKuipersLiburdi Turbine Services
RainerKurzSolar Turbines Incorporated
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David B.LayzellUniversity of Calgary
StevenLewisSiemens Power & Gas / Distributed Generation
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AmandaMcAlorumUnion Gas
AndrewMeierArmstrong Fluid Technology
ChukaMonemeUnion Gas
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JimNoordermeerNoord Power Consulting Inc.
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DouglasPetrieDresser Rand a Siemens Business
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JimRaesideSolar Turbines Canada
PascalRobichaudCEM Engineering
SteveRobinsonSiemens Canada Ltd
TimRosenbergerSPL Control Inc
MichaelRussnakSolar Turbines Canada Ltd.
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PontusSlottnerSiemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
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LandonTessmerInnovative Steam Technologies
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BobWellingtonUnion Gas
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SeanYunNational Research Council Canada