2018 Pacific Northwest Bridge Maintenance Conference
2012 PNW Bridge Maintenance Conference Presentations

Keynote: The Benefits of Bridge Preservation
Anwar Ahmad, FHWA Headquarters

The Shift to Bridge Preservation
Bert Hartman, ODOT

Bridge Maintenance Training
Jeff Bowser, Caltrans

Maintenance Washing of Steel Bridge Structures
Chris Keegan for Gregor Myhr, WSDOT

Bridge Flushing
William Yarbrough, WSDOT

Peer Exchange Group report out on key items
from round table discussions.

Traffic Impact Damage Repair (Please contact the speaker at KENT.P.KALSCH@odot.state.or.us)
Kent Kalsch, ODOT

Silicoflex Joint Repairs
Jim Henderson and Darin Wilkens, WSDOT

Mechanical Rebar Splices for Concrete Deck Patches
Mike London and Tom Corrin, WSDOT

Cougar Creek Bridge Repairs
Jean Singer and David Dolan, Clark County Public Works

Mill Creek Cap Replacement
Dale Blanken, WSDOT

Renton Parks Riverside Trail Bridge Repair
Rich Hovde, King County, WA

Changing Timber Pile Using Bailey Bridge Parts
Steve McIntyre, WSDOT

Used Bridge to New Bridge
James Stouder, Benton County, OR

Hawthorne Viaduct Beam Repair (2012 BEST PRESENTATION AWARD)
Carl Morgan and Mike Faulkner, Multnomah County, OR

High Hit on Steel Girder
David Clark and Tom Corrin, WSDOT

Debris Removal/Repair/Fish Bypass
Lane McDonald, WSDOT

Fun with Foam – Deep Injection Polymer for Scour Repair
Stephen Cruise, Washington County, OR

Tram System Scour Repair
Ray Perry and Bill Black, WSDOT

Money Creek Scour Repair
Rich Hovde, King County, WA

I-5 Bridge Counterweight Roller Guide Repair
Marc Gross, ODOT

Spring Hollow Restoration and Replacement
Burke O’Brien, Morrow County, OR and Werner Arntz, Ferguson Surveying and Engineering, Mt. Vernon, OR