Workshops 2019

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RI Workshops
returns with further events for 2019.

This year we are pleased to announce global workshops focussing on:

SDGs and Measuring Impact
Risk and Opportunities in the
Energy Transition

How it works

The RI Workshops are forums for asset owners to discuss and to share knowledge – they are not conferences and do not include (for example) panels. They are conversations amongst like-minded peers who want to share and learn about how best to navigate ESG investment risk and to hear about cutting edge ESG investment solutions or thematic investing strategies.

The event is split into three or four sessions. Each table includes a moderator who acts as a guide for the discussion points, which will be notified to you in advance. We encourage all participants to make the effort to engage with everyone on their table, and ultimately feel comfortable enough to share experiences/ideas, raise questions, and interject with any useful comments where appropriate.

Participants are moved to a different table from session to session, therefore discussing and connecting with as many different people as possible throughout the day.

Please bear in mind that some people are naturally soft spoken, and others naturally a little louder. So where necessary, kindly prompt a softer-spoken person to speak a little louder. The workshops are not designed to be a platform for self-promotion so please avoid this and try to refrain from taking over the conversation to allow everyone at the table to have some input. The moderators will also work to ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

Who can attend?

Public Pension Funds

Corporate Pension Funds/Plan Sponsors

Insurance Funds (Asset-Liability Management)


Sovereign Wealth Funds

Large Family and Multi-Family Offices

Fund Selectors (Non-proprietary and open architecture platforms)

Central Banks

Pension Consultants (Non-Discretionary)*

*Pension and investment consultants considered for admission are those that primarily advise pension funds and other institutional asset owners on investments, independent from providing asset management products or discretionary investment services. For example, those that primarily provide services such as due diligence, evaluation, manager selection and monitoring on behalf of institutional asset owners, on a non-discretionary basis.