IT Roadmap Conference & Expo Chicago 2012
IT Roadmap Chicago Conference Sessions
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A Strategy for Your IT Roadmap
Doug Porter, SVP & CIO, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association
The regulatory and market challenges of healthcare reform and the growing need for advanced, actionable data analytics are just some of the issues facing the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, a national federation of 38 independent, community-based and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies that collectively provide healthcare coverage for nearly 100 million members. Amid these changes, BCBSA CIO Doug Porter leads a technology team that serves the Blue companies by providing critical interoperability via a shared infrastructure tying together over 50 data centers, 100 claims processing systems and numerous analytic platforms. In this dynamic presentation, Porter will lay out some of the innovations his organization is employing to tackle complex needs and meet a vast array of priorities. He will share his own IT roadmap, as well as leadership best-practices on how to motivate staff and inspire them to innovate in the face of a rapidly changing landscape with an insatiable demand for agility.

Leveraging Your Network as a Platform for Innovation and Growth

Joel Conover, Director, Enterprise Marketing, Cisco

In today’s fast moving business environment, IT agility is essential for organizations to innovate and differentiate.  New technology trends are placing unprecedented demand on IT departments.  Organizations are being hit with technology waves harder and faster than ever before – yet many IT departments spend 70 percent or more of their time just keeping the lights on.  In a market with flat budgets and IT headcount, the only way to get ahead is to work smarter.  If you thought cloud, device proliferation, and data explosion were big last year – wait until you see what the future holds.  This presentation looks at the evolution of these megatrends, and how important the network will be in solving tomorrow’s biggest problems.


Morning Breakout Sessions
Unified Communications and VOIP: The Road Ahead
Zeus Kerravala, Founder & Principal Analyst, ZK Research

The landscape of unified communications (UC) continues to broaden.  Social media, mobility, video and many other elements have been added to the overall suite of UC products.  This session will define where the UC industry stands today and where it is headed.  It will also provide a framework to help attendees understand how to get started with UC and how to apply the correct UC tool to specific processes.  Lastly, ROI assumptions will be covered for the various UC elements.  Topics covered: VoIP, video, social media, SIP Trunking, mobility, conferencing.

The New Enterprise Network in the Era of the Cloud
Rohit Mehra, Director, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure, IDC
At a time where the drive towards virtualization and cloud computing is all but certain, the enterprise network is evolving rapidly to ensure it meets IT and business needs. The converged enterprise is transitioning from legacy infrastructures to a newer, efficient, and intelligent network. As deployment models for mobility and edge access, campus and the datacenter start to diverge, what are the key enterprise network technologies and deployment models that IT and network managers need to be looking at? With voice, video and wireless increasingly important at the edge, what are the key requirements for unified wired/wireless, the remote branch and the WAN? How important is a simpler, flatter 10G architecture in the datacenter, and when does poor application performance become a barrier to cloud adoption?

Faster and More Effective Data Recovery: Taking a Single System Approach
Richard Villars, Vice President, Storage and IT Executive Strategies, IDC
Organizations require more robust backup and archive-optimized storage solutions as they look to improve the availability of highly virtualized applications and deal with an explosion in the creation and use of unstructured data.  Today, many organizations use backup applications as a means to meet both short term data recovery and long term information retention needs.  Concurrent use of the same system for both tasks, however, can jeopardize backup operational efficiency, boost costs, and reduce the manageability of long term data assets.  In this session, Richard Villars will detail the developments that are reshaping both back up and archive requirements and provide recommendations on the best strategies for efficiently handling both of these critical, but different data management tasks.

The Consumerization of IT: Should Your Worry About It?
David Johnson, Senior Analyst, Desktop and Mobile Infrastructure & Operations, Forrester Research
In this session, David K. Johnson from Forrester Research will present some surprising data to make the case that this isn’t just another buzzword-enhanced technology fad. Consumerization will topple empires and end careers, while it builds new enterprises from scratch. David will share precisely what’s changing in the industry that matters, and also how Infrastructure and Operations Professionals can adapt quickly with client virtualization, on-demand software and Macs to stay ahead.
The New Workspace Experience
Joel Conover, Director, Enterprise Marketing, Cisco
What does the word “mobility” mean to you?  News Flash: Overnight, your employee, your customer, and your competitor redefined mobility.  It’s no longer just about where you are.  It’s about where your data is located, where your customer or employee is located, and how quickly and efficiently you can connect employees or customers to that data.  Sprinkle in the explosion of consumer-owned devices, and you’ve got the makings of a true mobility challenge.  In this discussion, we explore how to stay ahead of this mobility explosion while delivering an experience that meets the demands of the user and the business.
Strategies for Managing Distributed IT Environments
Paul Ayers, Offer Manager - HBN Networking Solutions, APC by Schneider Electric
No matter how the IT landscape changes, protecting your network architecture continues to be extremely critical and unpredictable.  Distributed networking and computing spaces frequently go unmanaged despite their importance.  Are you responsible for branch IT environments?  Are you challenged with maintaining access for remote users?  Are you deploying IT equipment in the cloud or at a co-location facility?  Join us as we discuss the importance of managing these distributed IT spaces including strategies for maintaining availability, energy cost savings opportunities and dealing with a lack of onsite technical resources.
A Crate and Barrel Perspective on Tackling PCI Compliance
Matt Parquette, WAN Specialist, Crate & Barrel
Edwin Solis, Sr. Enterprise Account Manager, SonicWall
Bill Waller, WAN Specialist, Crate & Barrel
Next Generation Virtual Networks, Staying In Tune with IEEE Standards
Ed Koehler, Senior Data Solutions Architect, Avaya
With today’s fast changing environments, words like virtual and cloud are becoming over-hyped buzz words that mean many things to different people. In this session we will investigate the latest IEEE standards around next generation virtual mesh networks. Attendees will also learn how these standards relate to specific Data Center Bridging standards such as Converged Enhanced Ethernet as well as Virtual Edge Port Bridging. Hear what the longer range vision for what these IEEE technologies hold for the future of Ethernet as the universal transport protocol. This is true not only for the data center, but for campus and regional delivery as well as WAN usage. Learn how these technologies will help enable the delivery next generation virtual cloud services.
Kill Two Birds with One Stone –How WAN Optimization and Network Performance Management Ensures Success
Andrew Watts, IT Director, Morningstar - Sponsored by Riverbed Technology
Morningstar is a provider of independent investment research to investors worldwide.  As a global company with offices on every continent, Morningstar was faced with the possibility of serious end user performance consequences for users in their far flung offices from a planned infrastructure consolidation project.  Join Andrew Watts, IT Director at Morningstar, to learn how his Network Performance Management and WAN Optimization not only ensured LAN like performance across the WAN – but it also enabled him to implement an enhanced disaster recovery strategy with lower RTO and RPO.  Attend this session and enter to win an iPad 2!
2012 and the New Normal: the Security Challenge
Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President, Security Products & Services, IDC

Analyzing Your Customers for Business Intelligence: Mobile Applications
Bill Swislow, SVP and CIO,
Among technologists “mobile” often means fretting about the management of employee devices. But mobile as a platform for customer interaction is arguably the more important strategic consideration – and is a business intelligence challenge. In this insightful presentation, hear how has adapted its business model to take advantage of the massive consumer adoption of smart phones, making mobile access a mainstream pillar of the business at Creating new applications and optimizing existing products for mobile is essential to winning and keeping customers, which makes tracking and responding to how they use their devices a fundamental value driver.

Building a Mobile Strategy: How to Align with Your Customer
Denise Shuster, SVP, Technology Innovations, Tribune Company
As SVP, Technology Innovations for the Tribune Company, one of the country’s leading multimedia companies, Denise Shuster must wrap her arms around a dizzying array of technology initiatives in the fast changing and challenging media arena. One of the thorniest issues media companies grapple with today is how to interact with their readers and media users – and how to maximize their websites for the increasingly mobile user. In this insightful presentation, she will share best practices on ways the Tribune company is working to align its mobile and social media strategy with its customers, as well as how they are using the cloud to accomplish this.
Big Data, Big Opportunities: Using Predictive Analytics to Transform Lives
Plamen Petrov, Chief Architect, Blue Cross, Blue Shield Association 
In this deep-dive presentation, Plamen Petrov, chief architect, Blue Cross, Blue Shield Association, will discuss the strategies, technologies and adoption techniques used by The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association to create the world’s largest healthcare data warehouse and standalone health-care data analysis service known as Blue Health Intelligence.
Succeeding in the Cloud -- Just Do It!
Sergey Chernov, PMP, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, NiSource
At NiSource, a premier regulated energy company, a goal of expediting the delivery of key infrastructure services as well as some business processes led to the Cloud. Sergey Chernov, manager, enterprise architect for NiSource, will detail how the decision was made to introduce Cloud services and move some of the company's testing environments into the Cloud, including some of the challenges, as well as the rewards.
Building a Business Value Culture in IT
Marian Cook, Senior Director, Information Services, College of American Pathologists
To be an effective partner with the business, IT needs to raise its visibility and prove its value in the enterprise. In this advice-packed session, Marian Cook, senior director, information services, the College of American Pathologists, will discuss ways that her organization has shaped the culture of IT into a business focused organization. These approaches include proving the value of an ERP project, working on a digital resources blueprint, developing on enterprise capability development and project management and creating Centers for Excellence, including on social media and mobile.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Cloud in 2012 
Matt Wilbanks, Cloud Solutions Specialist, Rackspace Hosting

Matt Wilbanks, Cloud Solutions Specialist for Rackspace, will give an overview defining the cloud and the main cloud options available to businesses in 2012. He will discuss the most common cloud usage trends and the different ways organizations are making use of the new technologies. The presentation will end with an outlook into the future of where the cloud is moving and what is being done today to get us there.
Voice Virtualization Secrets Revealed - It's not Magic, It's Mitel
Joshua Haslett, Director, Strategic Voice Virtualization Development, Mitel
In this forward - looking session full of practical advice, hear from a market leader in voice virtualization, how you can integrate your real-time voice and Unified Communications applications seamlessly with existing data applications within your data center, using your existing VMware environment and cutting edge technology from Mitel. No tricks involved.  In this session we will outline what you should expect from virtualized Voice & Unified Communications applications. We will show you how to bring voice to the cloud and into the data center.  We will discuss the benefits of virtualized communications and how virtualizing voice makes use of the IT environment, existing platforms and management processes and IT best practices you already have in place. Imagine ONE integrated disaster recovery/business continuity plan - this session will show you how to create one. One extra bonus: all attendees at this session will receive a copy of Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study of Mitel's Virtual Solutions.  The study provides a framework for you to evaluate the costs and benefits of deploying virtual Voice and Unified Communications solutions in your organization.
Passive Optical Networking - Bringing the LAN Out of the Closet
Al Saxon, Sr. Vice President, Vision Technologies, Inc.
Learn how Intel, the United States Army and other enterprise networks have lowered their OPEX, reduced their CAPEX and generated significant power savings through the adoption of Passive Optical Networking (PON). The presentation provides an in-depth look at the comparisons between traditional network design and PON, as well as detailing the benefits derived through the adoption of this carrier-grade technology.  Case studies provide a great overview of this technology and the benefits your enterprise can achieve!
Cloud Storage's Hazy Security Lining
David Schwartzberg, Senior Security Engineer, Sophos
Cloud storage is emerging as a popular option for consumers to backup, archive and access digital goods in the workplace, thanks to brand-name tech firms that have entered the business.  However, it is crucial for companies to formulate strategies to keep personal and confidential corporate information secure.  This session will look at security challenges associated with cloud storage and how an enterprise can protect data with flexible encryption.
Driving Business Innovation with High-Performance Network Connectivity
Ken Greene, Director of Sales Engineering, Comcast Business Services
When you consider the proliferation of cloud-based services, the speed required for data and voice transport and the performance requirements for mission-critical applications, network superiority matters more now than ever.  Join Ken Greene, Director of Sales Engineering for Comcast Business Services, who will share the latest trends and current thinking among enterprise IT executives of mid-sized companies on what is driving their need for high-performance connectivity.  Attendees will gain a fresh understanding of how network connectivity serves as a transformational asset for today's businesses.
How to Securely Enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the Workplace
Matt Dieckman, Network Security Product Manager, SonicWall
Shawn Brooks,Systems Administrator, Sterigenics International
People are increasingly demanding the ability to use their personal communications devices to access email and network resources when they are away from the office. Attend this session to get practical advice and a real world case study on how to enable mobility in your workforce. Come learn how to embrace this trend to securely allow people to use their iPhones, iPads, Android phones and more in the workplace.
Systems management nirvana: Balancing demands, dollars and the day-to-day
Richard Olson, Senior Sales Engineer, Dell KACE
For years IT professionals have been searching for a state of systems management nirvana: creating a balanced response to end-user needs using limited budgets, all while providing a reliable IT infrastructure. Learn how Dell KACE can help you achieve this state more easily and cost-effectively.

Career Development Presentation
How to Showcase Your Leadership
Kristen Lamoreaux, President & CEO, Lamoreaux Search
The recent economy has smacked the glory out of being an IT thought leader; it’s been about doing, delivering, surviving.  Have you been as deliberate as you should be about managing your career or have you been simply working to keep your job?  Getting certifications is fine, but what’s been in demand by employers yet in short supply, has been leadership. Leadership at all levels --  not just from CIOs.  Organizations need leaders to help them through all of the challenges the economy created; yet leadership is one of the hardest attributes to showcase.  You may think that by describing yourself as an “IT Leader” on your resume you’ve branded yourself as a leader…not so.  Kristen Lamoreaux, President & CEO of Lamoreaux Search, will share with you the deliberate steps you need to take to demonstrate your leadership and to build your leadership brand.  She’ll give you the steps to follow so that you can showcase the soft skills that comprise leadership. Deliberately branding yourself as a leader – and backing it up with action – could put your name on the short list for that promotion or new job opportunity.