IT Roadmap Attendee Qualifications

To guarantee the high-quality events that IDG Enterprise is known for, we established an audience qualification process to ensure that our target audience goals in the areas of company size, location, industry, competitive considerations and available space are being met.  As a result of this process, both sponsors and attendees alike have found an incredibly beneficial and rich learning environment at our events.

IT Roadmap has a stringent registration and verification process to ensure as highly qualified an audience as possible. IT Roadmap registrants must be Network or IT Management professionals from mid-to-large size organizations and end-user enterprises, with product/service purchase authority or responsibility, in order to qualify to attend.

This event is limited to qualified IT professionals as determined by IDG Enterprise. Due to the limited number of seats and the large number of registrations this event receives, IDG Enterprise cannot accommodate everyone who applies to attend.  All registration applications will be reviewed, and registrants will be notified of their attendance status promptly.  IDG Enterprise reserves the right to determine total audience profile, and by submitting your application to attend, you consent and agree to the possibility that you may not be selected to attend.

The IDG Enterprise events team reviews amd verifies your registration based on your responses to the questions, and notifies you within 48 hours of your status, whether or not you have qualified to attend. 

If you have any questions about this process, please email