3rd Global Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Congress

 My Life Before, With and Beyond Cancer: Creative Consumer Contributions
to the AYA Cancer Conversation. 

We would like young people from around the world have an opportunity to share their experiences of ‘navigating the road through AYA cancer’ at the 2018 Global AYA Cancer Congress in Sydney.

We are inviting organisations who are sending representatives to the Congress, to engage and support young people impacted by cancer to submit a creative interpretation of the conference theme. The contributions will be displayed in an exhibition booth alongside their written piece. This process seeks to provide an opportunity for young people who will not be attending the Congress in Sydney, to share their experiences remotely.

The Congress will be a dynamic event where around 400 healthcare professionals, policy makers, researchers and consumers from across the globe will come together to showcase and discuss the latest developments in AYA Cancer.

Exhibition dates: 4 – 6 December 2018, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park (Formally known as Sheraton on the Park)
Enter by: 5pm AEST Wednesday 31st October, 2018. Please note, spaces are limited – please wait for confirmation of application after submitting application form.
Application Form: Click here to apply
Works due by: 5pm - Monday 3 December, 2018
Contact: Natalie Hornyak - National Leadership Coordinator, CanTeen natalie.hornyak@canteen.org.au 

Artist/Contributor Brief:

         1. Submit a creative interpretation of the Conference theme ‘Navigating the road              through AYA cancer’ or one of the daily themes
                * Life before cancer – including management of risk-factors, diagnosis, and                   the transition into treatment;
                * Life with cancer – focused on the acute treatment and support phase,                   including advances in therapeutics, the transition to personalised medicine,                   treatment disparities and psychosocial and supportive care for patients and                   families; and
                * Life beyond cancer – including survivorship, palliative care, rehabilitation                   and long-term outcomes.

         2. Submissions must be 2D, written or digital e.g.
               • Photo image, collage, painting or picture (max 120cm high x 85cm wide (AO                   size)
               • Written piece (essay, story, poem) max 400 words
               • Video piece (story, song, dance max 4 minutes)

         3. Collaboration is strongly encouraged so that multiple, diverse experiences are              shared.

         4. All submissions must include a statement/description which will be displayed              alongside the artwork. This statement must include the following information              and must be no larger than A5 page in size:
               • Title of the brief (the title must reference one of the themes listed above)
               • The full names and ages of each contributor
               • A brief description of the process to create the piece, materials and                   techniques used to create the artwork and what the artists wish to convey to                   the audience
               • The contact details of the supporting organisation (and preferably the name                   of the registered/attending delegate too)
               • Any handles and hashtags to promote social networking and sharing of your                   work by the organisers and attendees of the Congress
               • A photo of the artist/s

N.B. Young artists/contributors are not required to attend the Congress; however, they must be supported by an organisation that has registered delegates, who can bring the artwork with them to display.