27th Annual RAPID Technical Conference & Vendor Exhibit (21021-0644)

2018 RAPID Conference Presentations

Monday, May 21, 2018

Keynote: Supply Chain Innovations - Deborah Cain, Intel Corporation (not available)
Impact on Generation-Evolving Generation - Jeff Swartz, Duke Energy

Nuclear Track

STARS - David Sullivan, WCNOC & Chad Wolf, APS
INPO - Carl Lane, INPO
NSCSL - ICS Update - Mike Barnes, WCNOC
EPRI - Mark Tannenbaum, EPRI

Fossil Track
Regulatory Compliance (ELG) - Sam Carr, LGE-KU
Decommissioning of a Fossil Unit & the Impacts on Supply Chain - Steve Dobson, EKPC
Managing Critical Spares in Generation and Transmission - Mark Hounshell, EKPS

PJM's Evolving Resource Mix & Market Design Update - Richard Brown, PJM
Renewables - Claire Lamb, Duke Energy
O&M Requirements for Solar PV and Energy Storage Systems - Nick Jewell, LG&E/KU

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Investment Recovery - Eric Vincent, Exelon Corp
Duke’s Inventory Reduction Initiative - Claire Lamb, Duke Energy
T-Week Restraints - Lisa Thomas, FirstEnergy
Leveraging RAPID & Seer - John Gallaher, Exelon Corp & John Bartlett, Curtiss-Wright
Exelon’s Catalog Consolidation - John Gallaher, Exelon Corp & Dave Mueller, Paragon
Energy Trading – Tiffany Smith, Constellation Energy
Cyber Security - Bob Tilton, PSEG

Surviving and Thriving in a Changing Market, Doug VanTassell, Paragon 
Inventory Optimization - Brad Fox & Jerrold Vincent, APS
2018 Workforce Update-How It Impacts Your Construction & Maintenance Costs - Kevin Sell, United Group Services
Nuclear Decommissioning - Pat McKenney, Entergy

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

RFID - Pat Long & Rusty Broxton, Southern Company
Wireless Warehousing - Mark Hounshell, EKPC
Supply Chain Solutions with Immersive 3D Technology - Julio Adame, Curtiss-Wright & Michael Christianson, The Park Company
On-Line Cooling Tower Inspections using Drone Technology – Keith Masserant, Mid-American Group & Howard LeCompte, DTE
Warehouse Management System, Is there a Business Case - John Gallaher, Exelon