2nd Nursing Case Management Conference


Welcome to the 2nd Nursing Case Management Conference!

With the rapid growth, recognition of the contribution of a Case Management Program and the emergence of locally experienced Case Managers, it is important that we acknowledge the diverse roles within the scope of a Case management Program.

We aim to demonstrate this diversity during the course of the conference and welcome you to interact with your industry colleagues.

A Case Management Program can cover five major areas:

  • Clinical Care Coordination
  • Transition of care to the correct level
  • Quality outcomes planning and management to best meet patient care needs
  • Utilization review: best use of available resources and contain healthcare costs
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement 

The conference will highlight the diversity within a Case Management program encompassing clinical, financial and psychosocial elements of care coordination and patient advocacy.

It will help you define your facilities most critical needs related to the core business whether they are related to care coordination, transition planning, resource management, readmission management or opportunities to improve clinical documentation.

Whatever your particular interests, we hope the conference will assist you to recognize the significance a quality outcome focused program can contribute not only to your facility but to the wider community we serve.

Welcome to this opportunity to interact and share experiences with colleagues.

Catherine Mcnamara 
Conference Chair  


  • Highlight the diversity within the scope of a Case Management Program 
  • Recognize the impact on improved patient outcomes and quality care gained from an integrated Case Management program. 
  • Recognize the rapid growth of Case Management programs in the region and the emerging need for local Professional education and qualifications 
  • Highlight opportunities for financial benefits to a healthcare organization brought by a professional integrated Case Management program 
  • Understand how Case Managers work within the region


  • Case Managers 
  • Nurses 
  • Social Workers 
  • Medical Directors 
  • Nurse Managers 
  • Physician Advisors
  • Allied Health Professionals