XXV European Congress on Perinatal Medicine 2016


Maastricht is located in the southernmost part of The Netherlands, where Romans forded the river Maas. Maastricht can rightfully claim to be the oldest city in The Netherlands. The city is a living and breathing outdoor museum. The cosy and compact city centre houses 3000 hotel rooms, 400 bars and 150 restaurants, and is surrounded by Roman relics.

The cities life style is culinary; challenging the essence of the good life. There are many castles where dining and sleeping in an excellent and stylish way can be enjoyed, embraced by the magical silence of the marl hill country. Many buildings are made of Limburg marlstone, once carved from what we now know as the caves of Mount St. Pieter, the ground under Maastricht. Parts of these caves are nowadays used for special gala dinners and other events. In “sjoen Mestreech(beautiful Maastricht) as the people from Maastricht like to call their beautiful city, you can have a stroll through the medieval streets and squares, paved with typical cobblestones


The Vrijthof is the most famous square in the Netherlands. The fashionable shops smile at you. The old plane trees wave to you and guide you to picturesque outdoor cafés.

Because it is not only the unmistakably present medieval atmosphere, but also the contemporary epoch with its ultramodern architecture (Centre Céramique), design hotels and museums that give Maastricht its colour and shape. The Bonnefantenmuseum is the museum for both ancient and contemporary art in Limburg. However, Maastricht is more than that. Together with MECC Maastricht, the city witnessed the “birth” of the European Union.


Maastricht is extremely versatile and the Maastricht Tourist Board likes to demonstrate this by a number of special programmes.


1.Cultural Maastricht

Discover Maastricht ‘step by step’ by a guided tour. The guide brings history to life by telling stories, anecdotes and by providing interesting and pleasant information.

You can choose from a range of themes, from fortifications to contemporary architecture. Go “underground” in the marl caves of Mount St. Pieter and experience the unusual culture of marl carving back in the early days. 750 Dutch art treasures, among which Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”, were kept safe in the caves during World War II. A unique experience! Finally, there are many museums, from antiquities to artistic, all of them great in character and set-up. Musicians can enjoy a width variety of concerts, performances, theatre productions, opera’s , etc.

2. Culinary Maastricht

The city and its inhabitants are known for their exuberant character and their love for good food. You can taste wine from Maastricht at the vineyards in and around the city. The Maastricht gastronomy can also be experienced at another site, for example in a castle, an old fort or a marl cave.

3. Active Maastricht

You can go on a scooter tour or bike tour through the heart of the city, take a kayak and go down the Meuse towards Belgium or ride a mountainous stage through the Limburg hill country. These are only a few examples of sports activities that The Maastricht Tourist Board can arrange for you



Maastricht Health Campus. A campus in rapid development, aimed at preserving, promoting and restoring health. A leading international location for higher education, scientific research, clinical care and highly specialized, knowledge-intensive activity. Belonging to the European top priorities on the cardiovascular, metabolic aspects of chronic diseases and cancer, mental health and neurosciences, and public health and primary care.