Attendance and Registration Policy

All attendees of the Academy of Management (AOM) Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference are required to register and pay the appropriate registration fee in order to participate in any capacity.  This includes all individuals scheduled on the official Program:  Assistants, Authors, Award Recipients, Committee Members, Coordinators, Discussants, Distinguished Speakers, Editors, Facilitators, Hosts, Invited Speakers, Moderators, Organizers, Panelists, Presenters, Secretaries, Speakers, and Treasures.  Due to the limited number of seats available, there is no guest attendee option for participation in this conference.   

The Academy of Management will take photos, audio and/or video of attendees throughout the conference for AOM use only.  By registering to attend the Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference, attendees grant permission to the AOM to take and use their photo, audio and/or video on AOM’s websites, in newsletters, social media outlets, promotional materials, publications, or other media for an indefinite period of time.   


Registration for the AOM Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference includes access to all three days of sessions, access to conference receptions and events, coffee breaks and lunch each day of the Conference.  Registration also provides access to conference outputs such as Proceedings.  Breakfast and alcoholic beverages are not included in the registration fee. All registration fees are Value Added Tax (VAT) inclusive. Conference registration is individual and non-transferable. Accommodation costs for the Conference including travel, hotel, and ground transportation are incurred separately. 


A request for cancelling registration for the AOM Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference must be received in writing by the registered attendee, via online request or fax (+1 914 326 1900) by October 14, 2019. If the cancellation request is not received by the posted cancellation deadline, no refund will be issued.  

To cancel registration, a cancellation request must be submitted by the registrant, in writing to the Academy of Management. A cancellation fee of $30 will be applied at the time registration cancellation is processed. When registration is cancelled, any additional sessions or events for which the attendee has registered will also be cancelled. If the cancellation request is not received before the posted cancellation deadline, no refund will be issued. After this date, refunds cannot be granted due to contractual obligations and guarantees. This also extends to registration for any sessions or events requiring separate enrollment. 

All refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. If payment was made by credit/debit card, the card used will be refunded for the full amount received. If the information on the card has changed, you must contact the issuing bank with any questions. If payment was made by check, a refund check will be issued to the original account associated with the check payment. Refunds are non-transferrable and cannot be applied to any future service, conference, or event. Refunds will be processed within 2-4 weeks of receipt.  

 The Academy of Management is not responsible for cancelling or refunding any other accommodations for the AOM Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference, including travel, hotel, and ground transportation.


The Academy of Management strives to support its members through professional activities at the AOM Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference. Due to the high safety and security needs, significant cost and limited interest, the Academy of Management does not provide on-site childcare services. 


Attendees of the AOM Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies Conference agree to abide by the AOM Code of Ethics. Inappropriate behavior that creates a disturbance, disruption or a safety hazard is prohibited inside any official meeting facility. Attendees may not enter any areas under construction or renovation, or during set up or tear down of the equipment and fixtures for the Conference. The Academy of Management reserves the right to request attendees found disrupting any part of the Conference to leave the session or facility, and the attendee may be subject to a formal ethics complaint.   


The Academy of Management has updated its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to improve transparency, security, and control of personal data. 


All attendees must wear an official Conference name badge to all Conference sessions, receptions and events. Access to Conference functions without a badge will be denied. Name badges are provided to all registered attendees. Attendees without an official Conference badge will be asked to show proof of registration, reprint their name badge or register for the Conference. Accepted forms of proof include a registration receipt, a registration confirmation e-mail or a copy of the registration confirmation page. Failure to show proof of registration will result in removal from the Conference.  For more information see the AOM Code of Ethics