Joining the kiwi delegation provides you with all the below events and value-added activities at no extra cost.
This delegation is not only about going to SaaStr Annual 2020 but also very much about fostering the SaaS community here in New Zealand.

To participate in the delegation, it is expected that you attend all required preparation events in New Zealand.

November Preparation Workshops - for first time Kiwi SaaStr delegates only

11am - 5pm, and stay on for some networking

Auckland, 7 November

Christchurch, 11 November

Wellington, 13 November


  • SaaStr - the what, where, why and more
  • Setting clear objectives for SaaStr
  • Making connections and setting meetings in the US before you go
  • Practice describing what you do, for who and why it's awesome
  • Getting to know your fellow travellers, also SaaS company leaders

February Connect Workshop - all delegates

All-hands Reception
Auckland, 12 February, 6pm - 8pm

Auckland, 13 February, 9am - 4pm


  • Playbook for working a conference
  • SaaStr Annual session and event planning
  • Speakers of leading Kiwi SaaS companies on sales, strategy, marketing, channel and more

And in San Jose...

Welcome to Valley Reception

Sunday 8 March evening

Join us for a light supper and drinks before we get into the serious stuff on Monday.

Kiwi Tech Immersion Day
Monday 9 March

Top presenters going in-depth into topics and examples on growth. At SaaStr, speakers have only 30 minutes so this gets more in-depth. Some said last year, this day was better than SaaStr.  Previous presenters include Kirsty Traill and David Skok.

SaaStr Annual '20
Tuesday 10 March - Thursday 12 March 

The conference. You can see all the event details here  

Planning Morning

Friday 13 March late-morning to lunch

Time to digest what you're going to change when you're back in the office and how NZTE and Callaghan Innovation will help