Hackathon Workshops

The Academy of Management is excited to announce two separate Paper Development “Hackathon” workshops

Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD) Hackathon for the forthcoming Special Issue on Migration Management


Academy of Management Review (AMR) Hackathon on Theory Development

Each Hackathon will be held in conjunction with the Academy of Management Specialized Conference: Advancing Research in Latin America, April 15-17, 2020 at IPADE Business School in Mexico-City, Mexico. 

The Hackathon is a unique opportunity for management scholars to develop their work for possible publication. During the Hackathon workshop, participants will meet with Editors and/or Editorial Review Board (ERB) members (several times over the two-day schedule, April 16-17) to discuss, revise, and improve successive versions of their papers. 

Those interested in participating in either of these workshops need to submit a complete paper (no paper proposals, please) no later than February 21, 2020. Please note that registering and submitting a paper does not guarantee acceptance to the Hackathon or the journal.

AMD and AMR editors will choose the papers that will be invited to the Hackathon. Please make sure to follow the AMD or AMR submission guidelines before submitting a paper. 
If your paper is accepted to the Hackathon, you will be required to register for the Academy of Management Specialized Conference.

Final selections will reflect:
1. The areas of expertise of the Editors, Associate Editors or ERB members participating in the Hackathon and
2. The likelihood that a paper can be revised in a way that will make it publishable in AMD or AMR. Papers that are already under review at AMD, AMR or elsewhere cannot be submitted to the Hackathon.
That a paper is accepted to and developed through the Hackathon does not guarantee that it will ultimately be accepted and published in AMD or AMR. All papers submitted to an Academy journal adhere to a rigorous double-blind peer review process. However, it is our hope that the Hackathon experience will improve those papers that are chosen for the Hackathon workshop and the skillset of those attending.