wor·ship /wərSHəp/: show reverence and adoration

sum·mit /səmət/: the highest point of attainment; to reach the pinnacle


There’s a place where the Spirit of God and man meet. A place where we know Him and become known. A place where each of us discover who we are and who we are made to be. This is our high calling as sons and daughters of God, the summit we are moving towards. 

Join us for an adventurous and interactive three days, September 26-28 (Thu-Sat), as we explore how to walk in our unique God-given identity, learn practical tools for building healthy teams, provide hands on training for instrumentalists and singers, and encounter Jesus afresh.

Speakers include Geno Olison, Daniel Goulet, Carolyn Yoder, Kyle Howard, and more. Schedule and Workshop details to come. All current and aspiring musicians are welcome!