and Medicine

Join us on October 17, 2019


Host City
Join us in on October 17, 2019 in Austin, TX - the Live Music Capital of the World.


Sessions will bridge the gap between the recent studies in nutritional science and strategies that healthcare providers can use as they influence the nutritional choices of their patients or clients.


Faculty will include physicians and academic researchers presenting their findings and nutritional strategies that improve health outcomes.


Why You Should Attend

Content is specifically designed for healthcare providers who influence patients' nutritional choices. Attending this conference will enable you to:

  1. Learn the latest developments in clinical research on nutraceuticals and nutritional interventions.
  2. Speak more knowledgeably with patients regarding their nutritional choices.
  3. Leave with strategies for nutritional interventions to improve health outcomes for your patients.
  4. Earn continuing education credits/hours.