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Social program in Amsterdam

Transport will be ready especially for you at 14.00 hours to take you out for an amazing afternoon! You will leave Egmond aan Zee towards the beautiful Amsterdam, for an incredible Amsterdam experience!

You will start with an interesting and also very educational tour in The National Maritime Museum. At the dock of the museum is a replica of the VOCship named 'Amsterdam' that perished on its first voyage in 1749. This ship is one of the showpieces of the museum. Included in the tour is also a visit of the ship under the guidance of a tour guide.

After the tour there are beautiful authentic saloon boats waiting for you to take you on a relaxing cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. During this canal cruise you will be well looked after as you can enjoy various drinks and typical Dutch delicacies. 

After the amazing boatride through the canals, the choice is entirely yours. At 18.00 hours there will be transport ready to take you back to Egmond, but there is also the possibility to have a dinner and stay in the city longer to enjoy a free evening and take the transport back later that evening to Egmond aan Zee.

Book the social program with your registration for only € 75.