Reinsurance 2030


Reinsurance 2030

The re/insurance sector is in a period of tremendous flux, innovation, disruption, consolidation, facing new risks and opportunities of new rivals, emerging threats and emerging markets.

Everybody wants to know what the future will look like, once the tectonic plates have shifted. Technology is among the most significant drivers changing the landscape.

Will predictive analytics and AI revolutionise underwriting? Can the cloud and blockchain transform claims? Which links of the risk transfer chain are most vulnerable to disruption? Which classes of business are ripest for disruption? Which lines are set for rapid growth? 

This survey is designed to bring together the views and opinions of the key decision-makers at leading international commercial re/insurers and brokers, to examine which technologies will transform which facets of the global reinsurance 2030 landscape.
Individual responses are confidential and only the combined results of the survey will be published.

Section One | Insurance 2030 Landscape | 7 Questions

Section Two | Commercial Reinsurance Technologies | 6 Questions


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