Selling Travel Readership survey 2019

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Selling Travel readership survey 2019

An important choice
We need your help to select the finalists for the prestigious 2019 Selling Travel Agents and Choice Awards and to show our appreciation we've got some wine up for grabs !
The aim is to recognise and celebrate the travel companies and individuals who have truly made a difference to the industry and, in particular, to the trade over the last year.
The short list is entirely down to you, the readers of Selling Travel and the people in the know, so please select your favourites in the categories which apply to you and fill in your details to be in with the chance of winning a case of wine.
Nominate here
Trade Magazines
1. Which travel trade magazines do you currently receive? (Tick all that apply)
2. How often do you read these publications?
N/A - do not receiveEvery issueMost issuesNow and again
Selling Travel
Travel Weekly
Travel Bulletin
ABTA Magazine
3. What single aspect do you find most valuable in each of the publications?
Travel industry newsIncentives & competitionsDestination profilesInspiring/educational contentInterviews/trade profiles N/A - do not receive
Selling Travel
Travel Weekly
Travel Bulletin
ABTA Magazine
4. How do you treat each publication?
A quick scan Always read certain pages/sectionsRead from cover to coverN/A - do not receive
Selling Travel
Travel Weekly
Travel Bulletin
ABTA Magazine
5. What do you typically do with your copies of each publication?
Read and recyclePass on to a colleagueKeep for reference for up to a monthKeep for reference for up to six months Keep for reference for up to a yearN/A - do not receive
Selling Travel
Travel Weekly
Travel Bulletin
ABTA Magazine
6. Overall, which is your favourite publication?
Selling Travel magazine
7. For how long have you been a subscriber of Selling Travel magazine?
8. What is your favourite aspect of the magazine? (Select up to three) 
9. Please rate each section of the magazine:
Not of interestSome useful information Essential reading
Destination profiles
Talking Shop (agent activity and incentives)
Interviews/trade profiles
'Quick read' articles
Travel trends/themed travel features
The Review (news)
10. When do you read Selling Travel? (Tick all that apply) 
11. Thinking about the overall design and content, how do you rate Selling Travel?
12. How many people typically read your copy of Selling Travel?
13. What sort of content would you like to see in the magazine that you think is currently missing?
You, the travel agent
14. Which of the following best describes you?
15. If selected other please specify?
16. How long have you worked in the travel trade?
17. Which areas of the world do you personally sell, and how frequently?
Never RarelyOccasionallyFairly oftenFrequently
North America
Latin America
Middle East
Indian Ocean
Australia & New Zealand
Pacific Ocean
18. How frequently do you personally sell each of the following?
NeverRarelyOccasionallyFairly oftenFrequently
Standalone flights
Packaged tours
Tailor-made tours
Airport lounge access
Airport parking
Car hire
Rail tours
Attraction tickets
What are your agency's best-selling destinations?
What are your agency's best-selling tour operators?
21. Which parts of the world or aspects of travel, if any, do you find hard to sell and why?
22. Which tour operators or tourist boards do you find particularly agent-friendly?
23. What do you consider is the most important element of a tour operator's offering when recommending them to a client? (Tick up to three)
24. If you selected other please specify?
25. What training do you do to develop your knowledge? (Tick all that apply)
26. How do you rate each of the following learning devices?
Quite useful Very usefulExcellent
Trade magazines
Online training courses
Fam trips
27. Which travel themes are you most interested in reading/learning about in Selling Travel?
Not of interestOf some interestEssential
Luxury travel
Responsible travel
Rail holidays
Ocean cruising
River cruising
Family holidays
Weddings and honeymoons
LGBTQ+ travel
Escorted tours
All-inclusive holidays
Winter sports
Golf holidays
Niche markets (e.g bird watching, astronomy)
28. Is there any subject of aspect of the travel industry that you would like us to cover in Selling Travel?
If you wish to enter the prize draw please supply the following details:
29. Name
30. Email
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