BILT and BCS NA 2018 Feedback Survey

BILT & BCS NA 2018 - Feedback Survey

Thank you for attending RTC Events Week 2018! We hope your time at the conference was equally educational and enjoyable. Your feedback is important to us. The following questions relate to the BILT and BCS component of 2018. All specific session related feedback remains in the RTC Events app. 

It will take you approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete the survey. Please do so by Friday August 24 to go into the draw to win a $250 Amazon gift voucher. The winner will be contacted via email by Monday August 27.
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Were you a lab speaker?

How would you rate the lab image test in the server room?

How would you rate the speaker preparation room?

How would you rate the speaker portal, in terms of the information, your abstract, handout and presentation submission?

How could the speaker portal be improved or is there anything we can add?

Please rate the following *
Conference overall
Location/ accessibility
Value for money
Session content
Conference venue
Facilities at the venue - presentation rooms, lighting etc.
Conference catering
Exhibition area
BCS Engine Room
Event app
Printed handbook
Online registration process
Speed of response from email enquiries
Friendliness of staff at registration desk

Additional Comments:

What were your three (3) most valuable take-aways?
What content/format/delivery would you like to see at future conferences?

Do you have any suggestions to improve the overall registration process?
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Value of labs
Organisation of labs
Any comments/feedback on the labs?
BCS (Building Content Summit) was held concurrently with BILT for the first time this year. Were you aware of this?
Have you attended a BCS session or roundtable before?
What is your occupation:
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How many times have you attended BCS before?
Did you access the session handouts via the conference website or event app? *

Were they useful?

What additional topics/content would you like to see at future events?
What social media platform do you utilize the most in relation to AEC industry information?

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Cleanliness of rooms
Friendliness of hotel staff
Check-in & out process
Hotel Facilities
Hotel Food (Breakfast, In-Room Dining & Restaurants)

Any comments/feedback on the hotel?

Please rate the Social Functions *
Excellent Good AveragePoorDidn't attend
Wednesday Open Door Tour [Walking tour]
Wednesday Speaker Sponsor Function [Grand Hall]
Thursday Welcome Function [City Museum]
Friday Evening Function [Exhibition Hall]
Saturday Gala Dinner [Midway West, Union Station]
Any comments/feedback on the social functions?

After visiting the exhibition, are you more/less likely to purchase exhibitors products or services over the next 12 months? *

What are your top reasons for visiting the Exhibition? (1 being not very important, 10 being extremely important)
Look for new suppliers
Meet existing suppliers
Understand market developments
See the latest technologies
Attend presentations at the Presentation Zone
Meet speakers at the Speaker Lounge
Glorious Gadgets Booth

What else could we add or change to the exhibition that would appeal to you?

Which exhibitors would you like to see at future conferences?
Suggestion 1:
Suggestion 2:
Suggestion 3:

Additional Comments?

Did you use the printed handbook? *
What sections in the handbook did you use?

Did you use the RTC Events app?

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I did not use the RTC Events app because:
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Overall rating
Personal Program
Session Ratings
Conference Handbook
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Moving forward, we'd like to be more environmentally friendly. Would the information on the Event App suffice rather than a printed handbook?
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Are you likely to attend future BILT or BCS events in other cities?
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Any final comments...?

Please use this space to tell us what you liked and what you didn't. We will take this into account for next year to bring you an even better experience at BILT and BCS NA 2019.
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