MYCONTENT 2017 Exhibitor Questionnaire

Exhibitor Survey

1. Reference Number/Company Name *
2. Did you personally attend any of the open days of MYCONTENT held in DUBAI in October 2017 ?
3. To what extent are you responsible for the decision to exhibit at the event ?
4. Which best describes your company Business Activity ?
5. (please specify)
6. How many times has your company exhibited at MYCONTENT prior to this year ? 
7. Which geographic areas does your business currently operate in?
8. Which type of companies were you mainly interested in meeting with at MY CONTENT ?
9. (please specify)
10. Did you use our B2B pre-arranged meetings platform ?
11. If Yes, can you please evaluate this service ? on 1 to 5 scale
12. If No, can you tell us why?
13. Overall, how satisfied were you with MY CONTENT this year ?
14. How likely are you to exhibit at MY CONTENT next year ?
15. If not, why?
16. How likely are you to recommend MY CONTENT to a friend or colleague in the industry ? on 0 to 10 scale
17. Which is the single most important reason for giving this score ?
18. How can MY CONTENT be improved ?
19. How satisfied were you with these objectives at the end of MY CONTENT ?
5 very satisfied4 fairly satisfied3 somewhat satisfied2 not very satisfied1 not at all satisfied
To enter a new market
Maintaining your company's position
Meeting existing customers
Launching a new product / service
Strengthening brand awareness
20. Which of these events has your company exhibited at ?
21. (please specify)
22. How would you rate MY CONTENT in comparison with this best event for you in terms of ROI ?
23. What are for you the 3 most important trends that will impact the TV and FILM industry in the Middle East in the next 1 to 2 years ?
24. How helpful was the organiser’s team to support your participation prior the event as well as on site ? on 1 to 5 scale