IOH Scholarships - Faculty Advisor Evaluation - 2018-2019

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ADHA Institute for Oral Health Scholarship

Faculty Advisor Evaluation Form


A student from your academic institution has applied for an ADHA Institute for Oral Health (IOH) scholarship. Your evaluation of the applicant is requested for use in the selection of scholarship recipients. 

Your portion of the online application must be submitted on or before February 1, 2018 for the student to be considered. 

Prior to beginning the evaluation, the applicant should have provided you their 'Career Goals Statement.'  The statement is part of the 'Student Section' of the application. This may help you better comment on how the applicant’s qualifications relate to their stated goals and the scholarship for which they have applied. Information on the specific requirements of each scholarship can be found on the IOH website.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you save a copy of this application for your records and for the applicant’s personal file. 

Note: Failure to complete this form in its entirety and submit it by the application deadline will jeopardize the applicant's consideration for the scholarship.

If you are unsure of the applicant's eligibility for the scholarship program, or have any other questions regarding this form, please feel free to call ADHA's Institute at 312/440-8944 or email Joan Brazas, ADHA's Institute for Oral Health Development Manager, at