Reunion 2018 Volunteer Interest Form

2018 Reunion Interest Form

If your class year ends in a 3 or 8, you are invited to volunteer as a member of your Reunion Class Committee. Please click here to refer to the Reunion Class Committee position description for additional details

Please review and complete the form below. We look forward to working with you to make your reunion celebration memorable!
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Reunion Giving
We encourage all alumni celebrating Reunion to come back and make a gift in honor of their class. There are several different ways to make a gift and we would be happy to have a member of our team follow-up with you about any of the following opportunities.
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To learn more about giving societies and ways to give, click here.
9. Committee Member Recommendations
Are there any classmates you feel would make great Class Committee members?  If so, please provide their name(s) below. Please include name at graduation (in parentheses) if different from current name.  
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