2015 India-Pakistan 21 Regional Young Leaders Initiative Nominations

2015 India-Pakistan 21 Young Leaders Initiative Nomination Form

Asia Society is currently seeking nominations for its next class of India-Pakistan 21 Young Leaders. The India-Pakistan 21 Young Leaders Initiative seeks to help nurture a community of next generation leaders in India and Pakistan committed to working together to address the most fundamental issues facing the region. For more information about India-Pakistan 21, please click here.

Nominations for this year's class are no longer being accepted. This form collects nominations for the 2015 class year-round.

Nominated candidates should:

  • Have demonstrated excellence in the field in which they are involved;
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to values-based leadership and public service;
  • Be a citizen of either India, Pakistan, or the United States;
  • Be fluent in spoken and written English; and
  • Be age 40 or under

Please provide up to 5 nominations. For any questions, please contact Benjamin Linden at blinden@asiasociety.org.

Thank you for helping us identify the next class of India-Pakistan 21 Young Leaders!

(Note: If you yourself wish to apply, simply write "SELF" next to "Name of nominator" and "Nominator's e-mail address", then fill out the rest of the form. We will reach out to you when the actual application opens.)

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* Trying to find the nomination form for the larger Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative? It's available here. For more information about the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, please visit http://sites.asiasociety.org/asia21summit/about-asia-21/.