Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2016
Westin Hotel,
Ottawa, ON
LEAP Forward

Conference Goals

As the conference starts on "leap day" in 2016, it is perhaps with a bit of tongue in cheek that we state that the 9th NCTH aims to advance tobacco control in Canada by setting the stage for a leap forward in reducing the harm of commercial tobacco products.

The event aims to:

• Increase the impact of governments' investment and engagement in multi-sectoral, multi-discipline, comprehensive tobacco control.
• Link delegates with the people, ideas, information and resources they need to advance tobacco control in their "work". Connecting delegates with at least three people, programs, ideas or organizations that will significantly impact their work in the six months following the conference.
• Explore the future of tobacco control in Canada including science, policy and practice that can lead to significantly reduced prevalence and consumption.
• Advance knowledge exchange among researchers, practitioners, educators, community developers, policy specialists and a variety of other disciplines with an interest in tobacco control through a content rich conference agenda designed to meet a variety of learning styles.
• Provide engagement opportunities for networking and collaboration to further local, provincial and federal tobacco control goals.
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