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The Europe Biobank Week is the new platform for a strong debate and collaboration on activites related to biobanking and biopreservation of samples and data for research and development.
The conference offers keynote lectures, educational sessions and a knowledge-sharing programme. 
This conference gives a great opportunity to meet biobanking experts from all around the world and to discuss these future issues for biobanking.

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 March, 31st 2016
      Abstract submission opening
 June, 15th
      Abstract submission deadline for oral presentation
 July, 15th
      Abstract submission deadline for poster presentation
     Extension abstract submission deadline for oral                  presentation

The deadline for abstracts for oral presentation has been extended to 15th July. The same deadline applies for abstracts for poster presentation.

We have the pleasure to announce that the registration deadline for abstract presenters has been extended to July 15, 2016. 

Don't miss the opportunity to present your work at the Europe Biobank Week 2016!

Abstracts submission

Create first your submitter profile, then submit your abstract(s).
Submissions have to be made in english only

(1) Abstracts for poster presentation will be submitted for the following categories:

- Biospecimen research
- Education & Standards
- Informatics
- Management
- New technology
- Organisation profiles
- Enviro-Bio

(2) Abstracts for oral presentation will be submitted for the following categories:

A) INNO - Innovative concepts and ideas for biobanking 

A1 : Pitch your innovation concept/idea
A2 : Practical issues - ask the experts
A3 : Biobanking for beginners
A4 : Business planning
A5 : Biobanking in the spotlight – International standards and future perspectives
A6 : Biobanking for experts
A7 : Biobanking governance
A8 : Biobanking in the Spotlight - International partnerships
A9 : Biobanking to preserve the biodiversity of species
A10 : Biobanking meets regulatory
B) PATIENTS - Putting patients into the center of the health innovation process

B1 : Participation of patients and public in biobanking
B2 : ELSI issues - practical
B3 : Patients to learn from: bridging between science and healthcare  
B4 : From donors to biobanking - from biobanks to patients 
B5 : Ethics cafe: "sharing results with donors"
B6 : New concepts and tools for public engagement
B7 :  Biobanking and industry
B8 : What will change under the upcoming GDPR?
C) DATA - Data in biobanking - An emerging new era for data management 
C1 : Medical imaging and biobanking (radiology and digital pathology)
C2 : How to implement data protection - IT tools
C3 : Biobanks as data and knowledge infrastructures  
C4 : Multi-omics data integration / visualization
C5 : Integration of routine clinical data into research/biobanks
D) BIOMARKERS - Building bridges through biomarkers
D1 : Biobanks for biomarker validation
D2 : Biobanks and personalized medicine: clinical trials and innovation
D3 : Companion diagnostics: how can biobanks support their development?
D4 : Networking across European medical societies for enhancing translational medicine (workshop) 
D5  : Precision medicine and quality issues
E) QM - Quality management
E1  : Improved output quality of human biological material across European biobanks
E2  : Sample integrity and quality assured biobanking
E3  : QMS, a tool to improve performance
F) BBMRI-LPC Forum Meeting (September 15-16)

F1 : Infrastructure policies in widening countries?
F2 : How BBMRI-ERIC can support emerging biobanks? 
F3 :  a) Use of EU structural funds for establishment of biobanks 
        b) New support mechanisms for biobanks in widening countries 
F4 : Infrastructure policies in widening countries?
G) Biobanking for environmental and biodiversity research 
G1 : Environmental specimen banks
G2 : Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN)

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