Mary Anne Petrillo

Global Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility Digital Strategy
Ms. Petrillo brings more than 20 years of communications and marketing expertise to her work on Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) global efforts. With an emphasis on strategic planning, media partnerships, and external outreach she promotes impact stories, which arise from the work of Cisco’s on-the-ground global transformation teams. Ms. Petrillo is a strong advocate for the engagement value of social media and the power of online collaboration. In 2008 she has created Cisco’s education leadership collaborative, to serve system leaders with a professional learning environment. As the communication lead on the Cisco-Intel-Microsoft alliance on 21st assessment reform(ATC21s), creator of the “World’s Largest Classroom” campaign for Cisco Networking Academy, and promoter of Cisco’s education thought leadership in “The Learning Society”, her work has focused on the economic value of education in the 21st century. Before joining Cisco, Ms. Petrillo was Director of Marketing for several educational technology companies, including Scientific Learning, Kaplan K12,, The Learning Company, and Triumph Learning. Prior to that, she was a Creative Director responsible for developing brand strategy, video development, multimedia launch events, and website development. Her work for Cisco CSR continues to demonstrate an understanding of the interdependency between social and business impact and the great opportunities it unlocks for innovation, growth, and sustainable social impact at scale.