Founder & CEO
Catalytic Innovators Group
A seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in international development managing a corporate philanthropic program and co-founding a global nonprofit on social enterprise. Badshah has also taught architecture and urban development at MIT and is a published author, and an acclaimed international speaker. His expertise is in the area of social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, information technology for development (ICT4D) and creating opportunities for youth. Badshah has experience in creating a vision and then executing on it. He has built global programs with a diverse team, based on a conviction that programs need to be effectively global and appropriately local. Badshah has worked effectively with a diverse set of stakeholders from government, business, and nonprofit leaders, to academics, to ordinary citizens. His approach is to set the vision, provide direction, engage stakeholders and develop effective partnerships. He has travelled extensively around the world, has experience working on global programs, and works comfortably in any socio-economic and culturally diverse environment.