Philippe Amon

Chairman and CEO

Philippe Amon is Owner, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SICPA HOLDING SA, Switzerland. SICPA has experience of working with sovereign governments in implementing product authentication and tax reconciliation systems which integrate ink-based covert features and sophisticated traceability technologies. Today, it is the only organisation with production-monitoring systems that successfully ensure the traceability of products and secure the collection of excise tax and VAT throughout the world.


1982, BSc in Economic Science; studies in Business Administration, HEC University of Lausanne. 1983, De La Rue Company, UK; since 1984 with Sicpa; since 2011 Chairman of the Board and CEO.


Medal of honour, Comendador Ordem de Rio Branco, Brazil


Significant contributor in fields such: science, medicine, education, culture, art, human rights, neuroscience research, personally and through:

- Argaman Foundation

- SICPA Foundation

Funding of Medical Centers, Construction and support of Trauma Surgery Units, Hadassah; Classrooms establishment and educational programs; Doctors’ medical training Lausanne University Hospital CHUV; EPFL & Hebrew University’s Neuroscience programs.