Will Hurley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. William Hurley, also known as Whurley, serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Strangeworks, Inc. He co-founded Chaotic Moon, L.P. in 2010 and served as its General Manager of Chaotic Moon Labs. Mr. Hurley served as the Chief Technology Officer of Qlusters, Inc. He has over 15 years of experience in groundbreaking technology solutions. Prior to joining Qlusters, he Co-Founded Symbiot, Inc., the pioneering firm in the application of risk metrics to adaptive network security served as its Chief Technology Officer. He is also the Founder of the OpenSIMS project, the world's first framework for collaborative Community Centric Security. Prior to joining Symbiot, he held executive and management positions at IBM, Apple Computer, and several Austin, Texas-based startups. He served as a Director of Symbiot, Inc. He has earned a number of honors and awards, including IBM's Master Inventor title; an IBM Pervasive Computing Award; multiple awards for innovation from Apple Computer; and a 2004 Apple Design Award for Symbiot¹s open source user interface. He holds numerous patents granted for his work in the research and development labs of several Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Tivoli Systems, and Apple Computer. He is a published author (IDG, Hayden, McMillan) and has been interviewed frequently in the media (The Associated Press, CNN, New Scientist Magazine, O'Reilly Publishing, NetCraft). He speaks frequently on the topics of future software directions, software development, Internet and e-business technologies, and intellectual property, open source, and disruptive business strategies. He is also responsible for Symbiot's participation in several standards-based organizations. Mr. Hurley holds a CISSP from the ISC(2) and is a Member of the HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association), and the FBI's Infragard program.