Tsvi Gal

Managing Director, Enterprise Technology
Morgan Stanley
Tsvi Gal is CTO at Morgan Stanley, where he is responsible for constructing an industry-leading, evolutionary architecture that is competitively positioned both on the buy side (asset management) and on the sell side (investment banking) for future growth through innovation, processing scale, and efficiency. Before his position at Morgan Stanley, Gal was CTO and Managing Director for Deutsche Bank Capital Markets. Previously, he was CIO at Time Warner Music Group (WMG). Under Gal’s leadership, WMG introduced mobile ring tones to the USA and was the first partner of Apple's iTunes/iPod drive. He also led the transformation of WMG's web assets into a full fledge eCommerce site with over 14 million unique users. From 1999 to 2002, Gal was the President and COO of ATT.com. In this position, he was responsible for AT&T's eBusiness and eCommerce activities. Gal also led the global sourcing and vendor management effort for all of AT&T – resulting in a net savings of $145M per annum. Starting his IT career in the Israeli army in 1976, Gal served in executive management roles as CIO & CTO at Merrill Lynch (heading global infrastructure), Wells Fargo (heading investment banking, global infrastructure, and the on-line bank), ABN AMRO Bank (CIO of North America), and Bank of America (CTO and Head of Infrastructure and Capital Markets).