Bob Hasenfratz

Professor and Head of English

Bob Hasenfratz is a professor of English and has served as head of the English Department since 2013. A medieval studies scholar by training, more recently he has been working on film history, particularly the long-standing symbosis between movies and literature. He has held fellowships at Cambridge University (Clare Hall) and the University of Connecticut´s Humanities Institute and regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in early medieval literature, literature on film, and film genres.  

His publications include an edition of Ancrene Wisse, a 13-century guide for religious women, Reading Old English, a guide to understanding the earliest form of English, as well as The History of British Literature on Film: 1895-2015 (co-written with Gregory Semenza, with whom he also serves as editor of a book series, the Bloomsbury History of World Literatures on Film).