Kevin Brown

Art Development Manager
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Kevin A. Brown is Art Development Manger at Sony Computer Entertainment America in Santa Monica. In this position, Kevin is responsible for managing the entire art department of roughly 54 artists, animators, modelers, technical artist and SFX artists.
Prior to joining Sony Computer Entertainment America in Santa Monica, Kevin was Director of Content at Brash Entertainment in Hollywood and shipped "Space Chimps," "Jumper" and "Six Flag’s Fun Park." Before joining Brash, Kevin spent 5 years at Microsoft Game Studio as Studio Art Director and worked on "Mass Effect," "Gears of War," "Age of Empire" and "Zoo Tycoon" to name a few. He also spent 5 years at Electronic Arts as an Art Director establishing the "Tiger Woods" Franchise. And in 1994, Kevin started his video game career as a 2D/3D artist at Coolhand Interactive and shipped "Star Wars Rebellion."
Kevin A. Brown is a founding member of Blacks in Gaming and holds a seat on the board of director at Entertainment Arts Research. He is also on the board of advisories at the Santa Monica College AET Campus.