Jason Rissman

Managing Director
Jason is Managing Director of OpenIDEO, which harnesses the power of IDEO’s design thinking methodology to foster innovative communities around complex global challenges. We believe that today’s problems require more collaborative approaches that break down silos, recruit new talent and foster greater cooperation. Leveraging OpenIDEO’s technology and IDEO’s design thinking process, we support promising opportunities and emerging movements within the social sector through open innovation challenges, events and collaborative networks. Our process combines the reach of online platforms with the hands-on experience of in-person events, supported by a growing offline network of OpenIDEO Chapters and hundreds of volunteers who organize events related to our initiatives. Through this approach, we have built a following of over 200,000 innovators including social entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, non-profit managers, executives, students, teachers and more. We work with world-class partners, and have taken on pressing global issues like Urban Resilience, Ebola, Zika, Refugee Education, Food Waste, Renewable Energy and more. Prior to his role at IDEO, Jason helped Google.org launch and grow projects that utilized technology for social impact across a broad range of issues. Jason originally hails from Chicago, has lived in Nicaragua, Spain, New York, DC, and Ithaca. He now calls Berkeley home, and is the proud dad of two girls.