Luke Weber

Cancer Survivor
Cycle for Survival / Memorial Sloan Kettering
Luke Weber, age 15, is the namesake and inspiration for Team Luke, a group of family and friends who participate in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s (MSK) Cycle for Survival annually. A patient at MSK, in remission, Luke battled a rare cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma starting at the age of three. Luke has overcome three bouts with cancer in his young life—aided by a cutting-edge immunotherapy drug, and buoyed by his positivity, humor, and determination. He is dedicated to fighting for people with rare cancers, especially kids like him, with the hope that one day every patient will have the treatments needed to defeat cancer. Through Cycle for Survival’s team indoor cycling events, Team Luke funds groundbreaking research efforts. More than $105 million has been raised by Cycle for Survival nationwide with 100% allocated to rare cancer research studies and clinical trials led by MSK. Luke is currently in his freshman year of high school.