Morten Breindahl

MD, PhD, Clinical Head of Neonatology at Karolinska University Hospitals in Stockholm, Sweden.


Morten Breindahl is a specialist in paediatrics and an expert in neonatology. He has worked for the past 7 years as a neonatal consultant at the Level IV NICU/PICU unit, the National University Hospital in Denmark, Rigshospitalet. Here he lead the Neonatal and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service. He has developed a customised mobile and combined NICU/PICU transport system for inter-facility transfers to be used in ambulances and on helicopters. He has conceptualised the development of an innovative Babylance, recently taken into service, and is currently developing a new NICU/PICU transport system for fixed wing flights. As of September 1st, 2016 he has relocated to Sweden for a position as Clinical Head of Neonatology at the Karolinska University Hospitals at Danderyd, Solna and Huddinge. He is the current President of the European Society for Neonatology (ESN).

He is married to a gorgeous midwife and has 3 sons of 13, 18 and 22 years – the latter being Niklas – one of the junior organisers at the congress. He loves sports and you will definitely find him during the morning run and morning swim in Copenhagen harbour bath.