Partner, Founder
Idea Farm
Tamara Christensen, partner with Idea Farm, is a passionate and expansive thinker who evokes the inspiration and brilliance that lives in each of us. She is uniquely skilled with facilitation and research methods that enable her clients to fully participate in the learning experience while she gently guides the process. Her wit and contagious laughter occur the moment when you least expect them and most appreciate them. With her understanding of design thinking pedagogy and the practical realities of 21st century business, Tamara designs effective ideation, training and research programs that fuel problem solving and service design efforts. She demonstrates collaborative leadership across multiple disciplines, oversees complex projects and fosters fruitful cross-functional relationships. Tamara has demonstrated her dedication to utilizing insights as creative fuel for clients including Salt River Project, Social Venture Partners, Best Friends, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Bausch + Lomb. Tamara has completed CPSI facilitation training and is the proud mom of an aspiring Willy Wonka Mythbuster.