Nusrat Durrani

General Manager & Senior Vice President, MTV World
Viacom Media Networks
Nusrat Durrani is a Senior Vice President at Viacom Media Networks and General Manager of MTV World, an innovation team that produces cutting-edge pop culture content in over 45 countries featured on Viacom channels and digital properties worldwide and platforms like Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. The division also creates bespoke trans-media advertising programs for brand partners including Intel, General Motors and AT&T. In his nineteen years at Viacom he has held positions in business development, strategy and operations, and launched MTV.COM and VH1.COM as well as MTV Desi and other channels targeted at focused audiences in the USA. Nusrat is creator and executive producer of the acclaimed, award winning Rebel Music documentary series, about youth protest movements in turbulent countries, and Intel’s The Music Experiment, an award-winning live music series. He is also creator and executive producer of five new forthcoming global series about love and sex, EDM, fashion and films, which will be featured on Viacom and other leading platforms worldwide. Under his leadership, MTV World has created some of the most provocative and progressive pop culture programming at Viacom, and Nusrat has collaborated with the likes of artist/activist Shepard Fairey, and musicians Arcade Fire, Empire of the Sun, and Disclosure. Before joining Viacom, Nusrat worked as marketing manager for Honda Cars in Dubai, UAE, and attended the prestigious Lamartiniere College in Lucknow, India. He is deemed an expert in global pop culture, and has been featured in editorials including the New York Times, Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Hollywood Reporter and Forbes. Nusrat is one of Fast Company’s 28 Innovation Agents for 2012 and has been honored with Asia Society’s 2013 Cultural Achievement award, the South Asian Media and Marketing Association’s Trailblazer Award, and the Pinnacle Achievement Award from the Asian American Business Development Center. Nusrat is driven to find inventive ways to expose young audiences to music and culture from around the world as a way of connecting the world’s youth to each other and to the issues affecting them. He believes sharing pop culture can go a long way to making the world a better place. In his words, “modern media offers real opportunities to correct the great imbalance that exists in what we know of the world. There are refreshing alternative narratives out there about what’s really happening today and we want to tell stories that deserve to be told, and not those dominated by the loudest, most powerful voices.”