Pre-Conference 5

Date: Saturday June 1, 2019

Title: Developing an Information Management Program Plan Workshop

Instruction by Lori Collins, PMP, MIS

Duration: 1 Day of Education (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


Have you or someone you know been assigned responsibility for Information Management (IM) and don’t know where to start? Do you feel you have pockets of IM, but lack a corporate-wide strategy? Do you just want to know how you measure up against industry standards? If your answer is yes then this IM Program Plan Boot Camp is the best way to spend your pre-conference time. An IM program plan describes how IM works in your organization. This hands-on session will walk you through the elements needed for you to define, plan, communicate and manage your program. Participants will complete a workbook documenting their own requirements including:

  • IM Program Current Status vs. Needs
  • IM Program Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles
  • IM Services/Tools
  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Training and Communications
  • Performance Measurement

Facilitator Biography:

Lori Collins has worked in RIM for over 20 years. She currently teaches at the College of the North Atlantic. She has extensive academic and professional training in IM including a MIS from the University of Toronto, a Masters Certificate in Project Management, the Principals Certificate from ARMA and is a certified PMP.