Cheryl-Ann Hawkins

Australian Ambassador for Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)
Operations Manager, Oncology Research, Monash Health, Victoria, Australia



Cheryl-Ann Hawkins is the Operations Manager for Oncology Research at Monash Health and is currently The Australian Ambassador for Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS).  She has worked in various leadership Oncology nursing roles in a career spanning 25 years.  Over the past 13 years she has focused her career on early phase/first in human drug trials and has built Monash Oncology early phase trial activity from one to now more than 27 active trials making it one of the largest Oncology early phase units in Australia.  Cheryl-Ann completed her post graduate diploma in Oncology/Palliative care nursing in 1996, a Master degree in Health Administration in 2004 and a post graduate certificate in Oncology Research in 2012.  Cheryl-Ann holds an affiliate position with Monash University as an educator in GCP.

Unify the Voice of the Global Clinical Research Site Community - Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)

The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) was founded in 2012 to represent the global clinical research site community, providing sites with a voice and a community focused on greater site sustainability. SCRS has become an active partner in industry wide initiatives and dialogues focused on improving the clinical research enterprise. Christine Pierre, President SCRS, will present by video the SCRS industry-wide initiatives to support the clinical research site community and how to have your site’s voice included as a member of SCRS.